1. Giants remain hopeful Jason Pierre-Paul can return, maybe for the final month of the season. http://t.co/xqNNxXC5nN

  2. Report: Pierre-Paul's Recovery Remains 'A Slow Process'

  3. Pierre-Paul Inspired by 5-Year-Old O's Fan

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  7. Report: Jason Pierre-Paul to report to Giants within two weeks #nyg http://t.co/hJDfTGmOjA http://t.co/36wZoZTQwd

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  10. Jason Pierre-Paul, well, how to say this delicately, … let’s go with “fails to appear at” a New York charity event http://t.co/nqZ6Fsazey

  11. Even Jason Pierre-Paul thinks lighting fireworks indoors is stupid.

  12. When will Jason Pierre-Paul rejoin #NYGiants? He's still got a ways to go: http://t.co/GRNcsKqrKU #WASvsNYG #NFL http://t.co/mkALgh6P1M

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  14. Yes, Giants pass rush misses Jason Pierre-Paul. But Robert Ayers has been their best DE by far in previous two weeks. His absence showing.

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  16. Potential starters for Giants D-line not suiting up tonight: Robert Ayers, Markus Kuhn (yes, he counts), Jason Pierre-Paul.

  17. VIDEO: Jason Pierre-Paul shows off weight-lifting ability to prove injured hand won't stand in his way ... http://t.co/5cCNwAIXS4

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  20. Photo: Jason Pierre-Paul bench pressing http://t.co/7fv6CMNvUM

  21. This is video of Jason Pierre-Paul bench-pressing with a towel protecting his right hand. https://t.co/jCxtwIwxip

  22. Giants great Lawrence Taylor believes Jason Pierre-Paul will return to being dominant player @Newsday http://t.co/EPvipHIWb4