1. Gruden on DE Jason Pierre-Paul: "He looks the same to me. ... They're going to have to be ready for his speed and athleticism off the edge."

  2. Coughlin: Not Really a Lot to Talk About on JPP

  3. Umenyiora: JPP 'In Good Spirits'

  4. Giants Players 'Have No Idea' About Jason Pierre-Paul

  5. Report: Pierre-Paul's Recovery Remains 'A Slow Process'

  6. A real reason for thanks: Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul just happy to be alive #NJcom https://t.co/VjzRiIXB2d https://t.co/7jZnk3iIrf

  7. The respect gained for Jason Pierre-Paul + how he has carried himself since returning to #Giants locker room increases by the day.

  8. Jason Pierre-Paul just happy to be alive after fireworks accident https://t.co/ksMCygjyj2 @APTCan

  9. Pierre-Paul Inspired by 5-Year-Old O's Fan

  10. What is Jason Pierre-Paul thankful for on Thanksgiving? "I'm thankful to be alive. In the situation I was in, I could have died."

  11. For what is Jason Pierre-Paul thankful? "Being alive. I'm happy to be alive."

  12. Jason Pierre-Paul was asked what he's thankful for this year. JPP: "I'm happy to be alive, guys." #Giants

  13. Asked what he’s thankful for this year, Jason Pierre-Paul said, “A lot. I’m happy to be alive, guys.”

  14. Limping around against Jason Pierre-Paul? Giants will take that. https://t.co/4DNAroqlcr

  15. How 'role model' Pierre-Paul turned disaster into chance to help kids via @NYPost https://t.co/gUjZwRzF7v

  16. New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Embraces Being a Role Model https://t.co/WLxTakUy5e

  17. Jason Pierre-Paul embraces role model status after hand injury https://t.co/9Zteu00OF8 via @newsday

  18. Jason Pierre-Paul says fatherhood has added to his perspective on life. "When a role model tells you it's gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok."

  19. #Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul: "I'm a role model."

  20. Jason Pierre-Paul practiced with the club on his right hand today.

  21. Jason Pierre-Paul uses his recovery story to aid 11-year-old boy who had fingers amputated: https://t.co/0TJtZgznMr https://t.co/VcqY2yWkfw

  22. Jason Pierre-Paul has made a surprisingly Giant impact during his short comeback ... https://t.co/hwKWXQyqsi

  23. Giants news, 11/19: Jason Pierre-Paul advises boy who had fingers amputated #nyg https://t.co/8m4YMqLeg6 https://t.co/zHEisrmIEK

  24. Jason Pierre-Paul has made a surprisingly Giant impact ... https://t.co/YvxVhmV597

  25. Assessing Jason Pierre-Paul: DL coach Robert Nunn -- "They know he is out there" #nyg https://t.co/UfeSzZ8lMv https://t.co/XjdkmFFEEi

  26. Jerry Reese said he is "a little bit" surprised about how quickly Jason Pierre-Paul has returned and made an impact.

  27. Jason Pierre-Paul is an inspiration. Whether losers/tabloid headlines mock him or not. https://t.co/Le4RCZUZdc

  28. Jason Pierre-Paul shrugs off loss, says he expects Tom Brady to do that https://t.co/Vb8IB0eYK7

  29. Jason Pierre-Paul played 86% of the Giants' defensive snaps yesterday (63 plays). Good for a $250,000 bonus.

  30. In his two games, Jason Pierre-Paul has earned $778,570 in roster/playing time incentives.

  31. Progress: Jason Pierre-Paul vs. Patriots played 63 of the 73 defensive snaps, 86 percent.

  32. Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul already dreading next week via @NYPost https://t.co/NSWgUaDjGf

  33. #Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul played 63 snaps (86 percent of defensive plays) Sunday against the Patriots.

  34. It Is What It Is >> Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul: ‘We wanted to win so bad’ https://t.co/ARkbkOBQbK via @WEEI

  35. Jason Pierre-Paul dominating LT Cameron Fleming right now. Tossed him aside on one down. Can't get to Brady because of his fast release.

  36. Jason Pierre-Paul has switched back to the club-style mitten he wore last week.

  37. Jason Pierre-Paul has his right hand wrapped now.

  38. After one series with just a glove, Jason Pierre-Paul is now back to wearing his oven mitt-like pad.

  39. Jason Pierre-Paul ditches club for four-fingered glove https://t.co/XexF6Gg3R3

  40. Jason Pierre-Paul ditches club for four-fingered glove https://t.co/UeNDzycytg

  41. WATCH: Jason Pierre-Paul pumps up the #Giants in the pregame huddle! #NEvsNYG Kickoff in 30 mins! https://t.co/cRhh9zTF7J

  42. An animated Jason Pierre-Paul is in the middle of the Giants huddle at midfield.