1. Amazing ... Hammel (batting 8th) gets single and 9th hitter Baez hits 3-run HR to get Cubs up 4-2 in 2nd. Just. Huge. #NLDS

  2. Hammel Doesn't Mince Words: 'I Sucked for 3 Months'

  3. Cubs to Start Jason Hammel in Game 4

  4. Jason Hammel, Kyle Hendricks (RBI in G2) are first two Cubs Ps with postseason RBIs in same year since 1907 (Ed Reulbach, Orval Overall)

  5. Bosio out for chat with Hammel. Guessing they'll talk golf. #Cubs

  6. Hammel walks Peralta to start the fourth and that's it. Grimm coming in. #Cubs

  7. Hammel walks Peralta to open the 4th and that's it. Grimm coming in. #Cubs

  8. Joe Maddon not messing around. Goes to bullpen after leadoff walk by Hammel

  9. taking out Hammel? #Cubs may miss his bat

  10. During in-game TV interview, #Cubs Maddon said once it got to be 2 outs in 2nd, opted to let Hammel hit. "He can hit the ball a little bit"

  11. #Cubs players coming back on the field now to celebrate , that's Jason Hammel leading cheers http://t.co/uwdmI0qnLJ

  12. Other ex-#Rays involved: Davis, Gomes, Eiland (#Royals); Navarro (#BlueJays); Rodney, Hammel, D. Martinez, Bosio, Hinske (#Cubs)

  13. Ex-O's count for Cubs back to 4 for NLCS w Jake, Strop, Hammel & now Berry. Hunter & Teagarden not on NLCS roster https://t.co/uk0tOC65GE

  14. #Cubs notes: Hendricks, Hammel sked, Schwarb & more http://t.co/L6tKjnrQiZ

  15. Cubs NLCS notes: Kyle Hendricks, Jason Hammel to get starts http://t.co/zkQ320fIaV

  16. Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel round out Cubs' postseason rotation, but Joe Maddon has not declared their order for Games 3/4.

  17. Kyle He sticks for Game 3 for the Cubs. Jason Hammel for Game 4 if he doesn’t have to work in relief.

  18. #Cubs to discuss game 4 starter. It could be Hammel

  19. #Cubs will start Kyle Hendricks in Game 3 and probably go with Jason Hammel for Game 4 vs. #Mets at Wrigley Field.

  20. Kyle Hendricks for Game 3 for the Cubs. Jason Hammel for Game 4 if he doesn’t have to work in relief.

  21. Cubs' Hendricks to start Game 3, Hammel likely for Game 4 http://t.co/y6je5RPBpF http://t.co/2VnkHCsHdR

  22. #Cubs go Hendricks in Game 3 and most likely Hammel in Game 4.

  23. Cubs tab Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel for NLCS Games 3 and 4 http://t.co/p0BfxXfrpq

  24. #Cubs Maddon says Hammel will start Game 4

  25. #Cubs Hammel to start NLCS Game 4 https://t.co/q1I8lKgTQC

  26. Cubs to start Hammel in Game 4 of NLCS https://t.co/u43fSihdVW https://t.co/vb2YrbxjXK

  27. The Cubs will start Jason Hammel in Game 4 of the NLCS. https://t.co/WsCt5qxCdQ https://t.co/WxDcfPeFtW

  28. Cubs' Hammel to start Game 4, not Lester on short rest, Maddon says: https://t.co/44UOVKaToV https://t.co/PaSPr2uwed

  29. Hendricks due up 4th this inning. If lineup gets there, does Maddon PH? Must win today, but also might need pen for Hammel tmrw. #Cubs #Mets

  30. Cubs are now down 3-0 in the NLCS. Only the 2004 Red Sox have come back from that deficit. Hammel vs. Matz tomorrow.

  31. BBTN crew previews Wednesday’s NLCS Game 4 matchup with Steven Matz starting against Jason Hammel of the Cubs. https://t.co/pTKSjXZ2hS

  32. 'W' is bottom line for #Cubs Game 4 starter Hammel https://t.co/sZ1JW2tBdU via @mlb

  33. #Cubs Hammel on the mound what should be done … then Lester, Arrieta on regular rest if it comes to that. https://t.co/KZ32QXDeoF

  34. #Cubs lineup has Ross catching with Hammel pitching ...

  35. NLCS Game 4 GameThread: New York #Mets at Chicago #Cubs; Hammel vs Matz... https://t.co/f11J8BAmBM https://t.co/C1ioFNoYNn

  36. On the seventh pitch of the AB, Duda takes Hammel deep to CF. 3-0 #Mets over #Cubs in the first.

  37. #Cubs Maddon talked about need to get on top early, Hammel just gave up a 3-run homer to Duda

  38. Six batters into the game, the Cubs fans are booing, and it's not clear whether it's d'Arnaud for homering or Hammel for giving it up.

  39. Travis Wood up in #Cubs 'pen. Hammel at 32 pitches

  40. Cubs should have convinced Jason Hammel he was facing #Brewers. Would have been his best chance.

  41. A 38-pitch first inning for Hammel as #Mets lead #Cubs 4-0