1. Unbalanced OL there...RT Jason Fox was on left beside LT Branden Albert. Interesting

  2. Jason Fox with a sack Wilkerson recorded. https://t.co/VaGLPdhA8c

  3. Just after getting a false start penalty, Jason Fox beaten for a sack.

  4. Wilkerson beat Jason Fox for the sack.

  5. Jason Fox with a false start. https://t.co/VaGLPdhA8c

  6. Jason Fox is called for a false start to begin this #Dolphins possession

  7. JaWuan James is out of his cast, but he isn't practicing with the team yet. Another week with Jason Fox at right tackle.

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  9. It's the Jason Fox penalty. Illegal formation, not lined up on the line of scrimmage.

  10. Jason Fox doing Jason Fox type things. Tannehill would have had 1st regardless

  11. Jason Fox hold counter: 2.

  12. On 3rd & 4 from the 10, Tannehill runs right for a 1st down but Jason Fox is called for holding. Obvious penalty #Dolphins

  13. Billy Turner, Jason Fox nice job v. Hardy on that 3rd down play

  14. Jay ajayi with a nice run for a first down, but Jason Fox with a holding, which brings the play back. Dolphins now at the 5-yard line.

  15. Ajayi with a nice run on 2nd down but Jason Fox is called for holding #Dolphins

  16. Might have Greg Hardy v. Jason Fox matchup again...I'll keep an eye on it. So will T'hill.

  17. For the 3rd straight game, Jason Fox will start at right tackle for the injured Ja'Wuan James #Dolphins

  18. Got to love the way Jason Fox cleaned up Ryan Tannehill's pocket on this… https://t.co/1cODP82Qn4

  19. Btw, RT Jason Fox seems to be playing OK

  20. This has to be a record. Another safety. That one courtesy of Damien Williams on bad return, Jason Fox, and Tannehill.

  21. Dan Campbell is confident Jason Fox will improve https://t.co/D8EP93vPkL

  22. Dan Campbell's confident Jason Fox will improve as he continues to serve as a #Dolphins starter https://t.co/icbAC7ouO1

  23. It's not Ryan Tannehill's fault that OT Jason Fox missed a block on #Bills DE Jerry Hughes. But it's RT's job not to make a bad play worse.

  24. Problems that need to be fixed: 1. STOP opponents from running. 2. Find a replacement for Jason Fox 3. Get Tannehill a new 3rd down target

  25. Problem No. 1 the Dolphins have to fix is they must do better than Jason Fox at RT till JaWuan James gets healthy. He was exposed again.

  26. Jason Fox struggles at right tackle for Dolphins https://t.co/oWD6ZldH8f

  27. Ryan says the #Bills liked the matchup of Jerry Hughes against Jason Fox. It showed.

  28. Jason Fox with another penalty. That's 4 by my count, I'm counting the offsetting ones btw

  29. Jason Fox is not a NFL caliber player.

  30. Jason Fox now has a false start to add to his collection.

  31. Second hold by Jason Fox, but it'll offset.

  32. Defensive coaches decision to flip Jerry Hughes to the left side of the defense to face backup RT Jason Fox has paid big dividends #Bills.

  33. Jason Fox with a hold and a strip-sack in the second half today.

  34. Holding on #Dolphins RT Jason Fox after the fourth-down conversion.

  35. Holding on Jason Fox. Now they have to punt. And they only have one timeout left

  36. Great pass by Ryan Tannehill on a pass to Jarvis Landry to convert the first down. Holding on Jason Fox. (Slap forehead)

  37. On 4th & 7, Tannehill completes a prayer to Landry but it comes back because Jason Fox held Jerry Hughes

  38. Jerry Hughes roasts Jason Fox on a sack and he forces Ryan Tannehill to fumble. Buffalo gets ball on 40-yard line. #SoDolphins.