1. Cs tied at 24-all after 1Q. @Celtics: Olynyk 7 pts. Sullinger, Crowder 6 pts. each. @Bucks: Monroe 10 pts. Greek Freak: 4 pts.

  2. Sullinger's Agent: Contract Extension Was Never an Option

  3. Ainge: Sullinger Bounced Back by Playing 'Like a Madman'

  4. Celtics Happy to Feed Their Bear Sullinger

  5. Sully's Long Pass Leads to Easy Layup for Thomas

  6. Cs up 46-42 at half. @Celtics: Sullinger 9 pts, 4 reb. Olynyk, Thomas 7 pts each. @Bucks: Monroe 12 pts, 11 reb. Middleton 8 pts.

  7. It's 46-42 Celtics over the Bucks at halftime. Sullinger is having another night, with 9 points, 4 rebs and 3 asts. https://t.co/GunmV3g8Ji

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  10. Sullinger Scores 16 to Lead Celtics to 99-85 Win Over Knicks

  11. One of the overlooked standouts tonight vs @bucks for the @Celtics was @Jared_Sully0. 11 points, 10 reb, 3 ast in 20 minutes. #Gettinitdone

  12. Your 5:35pm Update: Marcus Smart will return. Avery Bradley is out. Celtics will start Thomas, Turner, Crowder, Johnson and Sullinger.

  13. Jared Sullinger has 6 rebs and 4 pts, Isaiah Thomas has 7 pts and 4 assts, but the C's trail Indy 51-49 at halftime. https://t.co/w4TSu7FV7p

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  16. History Suggests Sullinger Will Have Career Year

  17. #Celtics start 3Q with Thomas, Turner, Crowder, Jerebko and Sullinger. #Celticstalk

  18. The Celtics - and in particular, Sullinger and Turner - open up the second half on a tear, outscoring Indy 11-2 to take a 60-53 lead.

  19. Evan Turner's 20 points weren't enough, as the Celtics fall to the Pacers 102-91. Sullinger: 11 points, 11 rebounds. https://t.co/rjVrO9w7bk

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  22. Sullinger's Trainer: Expect a 'Special Season'

  23. Jared Sullinger spent his whole presser ripping the Celtics, including himself, for their lack of rebounding.

  24. Ainge: Sullinger bounced back by playing "like a madman" #Celtics https://t.co/rZznbko8og

  25. Sullinger vs. Olynyk: Who's the Better Fit for Boston?

  26. Believe it or not, but Jared Sullinger had a rare season in 2014, and @KevinOConnorNBA talked to Sully about it: https://t.co/WA7U1AXqzx

  27. Sullinger's off to the best start of his career. @KevinOConnorNBA has the details: https://t.co/WA7U1AFPaX #Celtics https://t.co/BzQuYj9Z5U

  28. Jared Sullinger joins us to tip off @AmericanExpress Home Court Advantage live at 6:30pm. Watch on our website and mobile app. #AMEXCeltics

  29. Jared Sullinger continues to do everything for the Celtics. Six points and four rebounds already in 7 minutes.

  30. One quarter is in the books and the Celtics trail the Hawks 26-23. Amir Johnson has seven points and Jared Sullinger has six and four boards

  31. Cs down 26-23 after 1Q. #Celtics: Johnson 7 pts. Sullinger 6 pts. Millsap 10 pts. Bazemore 6 pts. #Celticstalk

  32. #Celtics shoot 33.3% in the 1Q and trail #Hawks 26-23. Millsap 10, Bazemore 6; Johnson 7, Sullinger 6.

  33. We're all knotted up at 45-45 at halftime. Jared Sullinger is approaching a double-double with 6 points and 8 boards https://t.co/NymNvKXZ6i

  34. C's, Atl tied 45-all at half. #Celtics: Johnson 7 pts, 5 reb. Sullinger 6 pts, 8 reb. Millsap 10 pts. Horford 9 pts. #Celticstalk

  35. Here’s tonight's @Amtrak Away Game Starting Lineup: I. Thomas M. Smart J. Crowder J. Sullinger A. Johnson https://t.co/KbmHiOYCb2

  36. Looking forward to tomorrow, Jared Sullinger says of containing Dwight Howard, "It's a team effort when it comes to great players like that"

  37. Bradley's available but Stevens will go with same starters vs HOU: Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Jared Sullinger.

  38. Atlantic Notes: On Jared Sullinger, Brett Brown, & a #Nets preseason cut: https://t.co/XiD1JkXzds #Celtics #Sixers https://t.co/qNPz2ZBFk0

  39. Here’s tonight's @Amtrak Away Game Starting Lineup: I. Thomas M. Smart J. Crowder J. Sullinger A. Johnson https://t.co/Otzw4njPtq

  40. Rockets usual when available starters: Ariza, Jones, Howard, Harden, Lawson. Celtics: Sullinger, Crowder, Johnson, Thomas, Smart.

  41. Cs down 28-24 after 1Q. #Celtics: Sullinger, Thomas 7 pts. each. #Rockets: Ariza 9 pts. Harden 8 pts. #CelticsTalk

  42. Sullinger point power forward - wow

  43. Jared Sullinger, point guard. https://t.co/tmA8JuGYAg

  44. More motivation for Jared Sullinger: Insider ranked the 30 NBA centers and Sully is lower than his draft spot. (https://t.co/1eXHIZmz4T)

  45. Celtics sticking with same starting lineup (Smart, Thomas, Crowder, Johnson, Sullinger). Brad Stevens on... https://t.co/ZMZX9lRASL

  46. Cs up 54-45 at half. #Celtics: Bradley 13 pts. Sullinger 10 pts. #Mavericks: Nowitzki 14 pts. Pachulia 6 pts, 6 reb. #Celticstalk

  47. #Celtics lead #Mavericks 54-45 at half. Bradley 12, Sullinger 10; Nowitzki 14, Pachulia 6. BOS 36% FG in 2Q, DAL 52.9

  48. Cs up 78-70 after 3Q. #Celtics: Bradley 18 pts. Sullinger 13 pts, 9 reb. #Mavericks: Nowitzki 18 pts. Pachulia 12 pts, 11 reb. #Celticstalk

  49. #Celtics lead #Mavericks 78-70 after 3Q. Bradley 18, Sullinger 13; Nowitzki 18, Pachulia 12.

  50. Jared Sullinger notches his 4th dbl-dbl of the season with 18 points & 12 rebs, but the C's call to the Mavs 106-102 https://t.co/c1reXl4zww