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  2. Allen's Wild Life Leads Him to Panthers

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  4. Jared Allen Buying into the New Bears—and New Position

  5. New Panthers DE Jared Allen starts out drills on the right side, his natural position. The left side vacated by... http://t.co/9G3OyQTePc

  6. Bucs coach Lovie Smith (joking) on Panthers acquiring Jared Allen: "Yes, we heard the news."

  7. Tampa Bay Coach Lovie Smith can't say enough about new Panthers DE Jared Allen, who was a nemesis at Minnesota... http://t.co/ohnnfQJebG

  8. #Bucs coach Lovie Smith coached vs. DE Jared Allen for yrs in NFC North. On Allen joining #Panthers, Smith: "We heard the news."

  9. VIDEO: Jared Allen Debuts, Thomas Davis Limited http://t.co/xNKh8lQP5W #Panthers

  10. DE Mario Addison on new Panthers defensive end Jared Allen: "He's a fast learner. He knows his sh--." Addison... http://t.co/uUo8E7D93E

  11. "I've got the same dad bod I've had for five years. 255 holdin strong," Jared Allen

  12. Bucs coach Lovie Smith on Jared Allen: 'Panthers are a better defense with him' http://t.co/pgzfT8VeHS

  13. Asked if he's lighter, Jared Allen: "I've got the same Dad Bod I've had for years." http://t.co/VSnPYF3YY7

  14. First words in locker room from new Panthers DE Jared Allen, acquired in a trade with... http://t.co/RHREEkwyW3 http://t.co/AJF4HfjuU5

  15. Jared Allen on going from an 0-3 team to a 3-0 team: "Praise God."

  16. New Panthers DE Jared Allen said he is thrilled to get back to a 4-3 defense.

  17. Jared Allen - funny and full of energy, as expected. He's thrilled to be back as 4-3 DE. Confident he can still play at very high level.

  18. Jared Allen ran into Jordan Gross. Told him he looked like he weighed 185 pounds. "I said I wish you looked like this when we played."

  19. Jared Allen said he was 238 when he played the Panthers last year. Because pneumonia.

  20. Jared Allen had 5.5 sacks last year, but battled pneumonia last year. Was down to 238 pounds at one point. Normally 255.

  21. Jared Allen and Kony Ealy. https://t.co/BGiytlL6oI

  22. New #Panthers DE Jared Allen, acquired in a trade with Chicago on Monday, on first impressions of the organization. http://t.co/cYRwdgtpjC

  23. Jared Allen fun and entertaining to talk to, as expected.

  24. Jared Allen told Cam Newton he's glad he doesn't have to chase him anymore. But said there are "like 10 running QBs in the league now."

  25. Jared Allen talked to Jordan Gross, who he hung out with at the Pro Bowl once. Wishes Gross was 185 pounds when he played against him.

  26. #Bucs coach Lovie Smith on Jared Allen: '#Panthers are a better defense with him' http://t.co/mQhuQmKveJ

  27. Asked Lamarr Houston if he looks at Jared Allen situation — DE moved to OLB, then traded to 4-3 — and wonders if he's next. "No," he said.

  28. Ron Rivera said Jared Allen looks better with his "hand on the ground" in the 4-3 defense.

  29. Panthers coach Ron Rivera "very pleased" with what he saw out of end Jared Allen on and off the field. "Whenever... http://t.co/YjFP66oTom

  30. Ron Rivera said Brian Urlacher texted him to say "You're really going to like this guy (Jared Allen)."

  31. Brian Urlacher texted Ron Rivera and said of Jared Allen: "Coach, you're going to like this guy."

  32. Rivera said former #Bears LB Brian Urlacher texted him about the #Panthers trade for Jared Allen: "You're really going to like this guy."

  33. RR confirms Jared Allen will play RDE and Kony Ealy will be at LDE. Wants to target 35-40 snaps for Allen.

  34. Ron Rivera says Jared Allen will play at RDE, they're targeting 35-40 snaps for Allen per game.

  35. Ron Rivera said Jared Allen will play RDE. Kony Ealy will play LDE. Expects Allen to get about 35-40 snaps.

  36. Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Jared Allen will be his right defensive end with a target of 35 to 40 snaps. Kony... http://t.co/XmTjcAuWYJ

  37. #Bears DC Vic Fangio on OLB reps now that Jared Allen is gone: "I think Sam (Acho) will play a good bit of the base stuff."

  38. Jared Allen will play on the right and Kony Ealy on the left Sunday vs. Tampa Bay. Rivera targeting 35-40 snaps for Allen. #CARvsTB

  39. Jared Allen out, Sam Acho in as starter. @ArthurArkush on the #Bears new plan at OLB: http://t.co/AcRzrmKms9 http://t.co/YMJDlNrVXm

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  41. Jared Allen got started in Carolina today. A nice look at his first day in NC from @josephperson: http://t.co/YrKoKG9ofS