1. As Fisher, Laurinaitis said, it's a shame to see Ogletree go down like that as he was having such a strong start to the season.

  2. Watch: Laurinaitis Becomes STL All-Time Leading Tackler

  3. Laurinaitis gets a strip-sack, but Arizona got there to fall on it. Loss of 4 yards though after AZ picked up the 1st down.

  4. Palmer takes a shot on 3rd down from Laurinaitis as ball falls incomplete. AZ adds a 42-yard FG, Rams lead 10-9.

  5. Palmer got crushed on that play by Laurinaitis right up the middle. Looked like Sendlein moved to his right to find a guy to block.

  6. Elected captains out for the coin toss today—Hekker, Foles, Laurinaitis, Quinn, Bates.

  7. Forgot to mention this earlier, but LB James Laurinaitis, who was rested on Tues & Weds was full participation Fri and is listed as probable

  8. #InjuryReport: Out: Sims (knee), Alexander (groin) Dbtful: Reynolds (knee) Probable: Britt (shoulder), Laurinaitis (rest), Cunningham (knee)

  9. Also listed as probable for #Rams: LB James Laurinaitis (not-injury related), WR Kenny Britt (shoulder)

  10. On today’s #InjuryReport, which is an estimation, James Laurinaitis listed as “full” participant, Kenny Britt listed as “limited.”

  11. LB James Laurinaitis (not injury related) listed as full participant; WR Kenny Britt (shoulder) listed as limited on Rams Thur injury report

  12. Laurinaitis: "[Carson Palmer] really changes their whole offense." Press Conference: http://t.co/fzRrzMayMc http://t.co/TEROWLQOGL

  13. Laurinaitis, Britt sit out practice again http://t.co/DBECD60455

  14. Laurinaitis, Britt sit out practice again: http://t.co/yC6vPZoG0M via @STLtoday

  15. Five DNPs on today’s Rams #InjuryReport: Reynolds (knee), Sims (Knee), Alexander (groin), Britt (shoulder), Laurinaitis (not injury related)

  16. #Rams not practicing Wed.: LB Laurinaitis (coach's decision), WR Britt (shoulder), S Alexander (groin), DE Sims (knee), RB Reynolds (knee).

  17. LB James Laurinaitis (coach's decision/not injury related) and WR Kenny Britt (shoulder) do not practice Weds.

  18. James Laurinaitis and Kenny Britt did not participate in today’s practice. Laurinaitis gets a vets day, Britt has a minor shoulder issue.

  19. LB James Laurinaitis gets vets day off; WR Kenny Britt also does not practice, w/a little bit of a shoulder issue.

  20. Rams done w Tue. practice. LB James Laurinaitis, WR Kenny Britt got vet days off, though Fisher mentioned Britt has "little shoulder issue."

  21. James Laurinaitis credited w/7 tackles (also 1 QB hit and 1 pressure). He has 921 career tackles; Merlin Olsen's prior Rams record was 915.

  22. News story on the burning turf: Could've used the defense and James Laurinaitis' old Triple H intro today... http://t.co/2WeGdUyYpe

  23. In case you didn't hear this somehow before, James Laurinaitis's father is Animal from Legion of Doom. http://t.co/LZKxus3Q5C