1. James Johnson is now a center. Here's proof. #WeTheNorth #Raptors https://t.co/AyioGAEQkK

  2. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  3. We're seeing a Raptors905 roster tonight. How little does Casey care about this game? James Johnson is getting playing time.

  4. James Johnson just setup Bruno with a corner three, which he missed. Would've brought the Rogers Centre down.

  5. "James Johnson from Almonte!" - @Matt_Devlin 77-72 Good Guys. #RTZ

  6. James Johnson taking names down. https://t.co/qqblEwgAZw

  7. James Johnson is versatile and Andy Greer knows Defence. Here is all you need to know in today's Practice Blog -> http://t.co/HU4OtP0t2G

  8. The Raptors' James Johnson has to make the most of limited playing time. Per @SmithRaps. http://t.co/aSLYJTfEcZ http://t.co/iAVR6I3qyP

  9. Raptors Player Preview: Are you aware of the disappearing James Johnson? https://t.co/5nfocQC9G4 https://t.co/qMEaktT76a

  10. New: Q&A with Jack Armstrong: Talking Flip Saunders, James Johnson, and more - https://t.co/9JRnbH78tv https://t.co/YytdcJ3Lhd

  11. James Johnson is the first player from 15 man roster to be announced. #conspiracy

  12. James Johnson starts the 4th quarter. Because we've fallen into an alternate dimension.

  13. Welcome to our newest feature: The James Johnson Watch. It is exactly what it sounds like: https://t.co/0z0W1xZSVk https://t.co/nW6BLuxVFx

  14. James Johnson just did the Amir swing from the basket pre-game routine complete with Jonas Valanciunas with those extra little pushes.

  15. Get happy Raps fans. James Johnson is in the game. He's in because three bigs have three fouls each, but be happy anyway.

  16. James Johnson checks in for JV. Raps going small with PP-JJ-Carroll in the frontcourt. Super versatile.

  17. Things are looking good for the James Johnson Watch. Had the minutes line set at 12.5 this week. He's got 8 so far (this week).

  18. It's Week 2 of the James Johnson Watch, but things are not exactly going great: https://t.co/An9Pqq5eUs https://t.co/MaVhtslwbp

  19. Raptors tentative lineup has James Johnson starting in place of sidelined DeMarre Carroll.

  20. James Johnson gets the start in place of Carroll. It keeps TRoss and the second unit intact which is in keeping with Casey's past approach

  21. New: James Johnson draws start with DeMarre Caroll out - https://t.co/BqwWg79BKn https://t.co/nsfuAzBQqI

  22. James Johnson in 17 starts last season: 11.3 points, 4.6 rebounds, 1.5 blocks, 1.1 steals, 64% FG, 26.8 mins (Raptors record: 8-9)

  23. DeMarre Carroll (sore right heel) is absent tonight and will be replaced by James Johnson in the starting lineup.

  24. James Johnson has appeared in 3 of the Raptors first 6 games, logging 13 minutes and hasn't attempted a shot entering tonight's start

  25. Raptors start with James Johnson on Wade and DeRozan on Deng.

  26. James Johnson, sans headband, re-enters the game for TRoss. Raps down 36-32, 6 and change to go in the half. #RTZ

  27. We go to the half: 47-44 for the Raptors. Norman Powell got some burn. James Johnson started. Jonas is killing it. Your 2015-16 Raptors.

  28. New: VIDEO - James Johnson Halftime Interview vs Miami - https://t.co/05kcPTpDaZ https://t.co/LtSMqeLwkD

  29. Not a great couple of minutes for James Johnson.

  30. Raptors down 74-63 as we head into the fourth. James Johnson is back in the doghouse. And I'm not sure Jonas is still on the team.

  31. In comes Delon, Powell and Bebe. James Johnson out there too with Lowry.

  32. This may be the James Johnson Watch's finest hour. He's getting his second straight start tonight.

  33. James Johnson cans a triple, wins your heart

  34. You want James Johnson taking your crunch time threes.

  35. Here are the highs and lows of the week of James Johnson. It's Week 3 of the Watch: https://t.co/1ie7VmC41K https://t.co/wPLUKbi1WE

  36. James Johnson and Biyombo killin' it. https://t.co/vJDeTDX4F3

  37. Note to James Johnson: Try not to let Steph Curry waltz into a 3-pointer when on fast break. Should have been on scouting report.