1. Limited in Practice for the #Jets on Saturday: James Carpenter, Willie Colon, Antonio Cromartie, Chris Ivory, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Geno Smith

  2. Jets safety Jaiquawn Jarrett turns 26 today #nyj

  3. Jaiquawn Jarrett replaced Pryor. #nyj

  4. Chris Ivory practiced full. Revis, Decker, Jaiquawn Jarrett limited, per Bowles.

  5. #Jets Limited in Practice on ThursdayL WR Eric Decker (knee), S Jaiquawn Jarrett (knee), CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring) #nyjets

  6. Decker, Revis, Jaiquawn were limited today... Everyone else practiced #jets

  7. Eric Decker, Darrelle Revis and Jaiquawn Jarrett were limited in practice. Revis will play, per Bowles. Decker will be game-time decision.

  8. Jaiquawn Jarrett also didn't practice. Wilkerson has sore ribs. #nyj

  9. Bowles: Owusu, Bilal, David Harris, Colon + Jaiquawn DNP ... Marcus Williams strained his hammy today + Mo Wilkerson has sore ribs #jets

  10. #Jets Did Not Practice on Wednesday: S Jaiquawn Jarrett (knee), WR Chris Owusu (knee), CB Marcus Williams (hamstring) #nyjets

  11. Bowles: Cro (personal reasons), Owusu, Marcus Williams + Jaiquawn DNP.

  12. #Jets injury report: Antonio Cromartie, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Chris Owusu, Marcus Williams DNP. Colon, Cumberland, Harris, Lattimore, Powell LTD

  13. WR Chris Owusu, S Jaiquawn Jarrett and CB Marcus Williams are doubtful for the Jets. #nyj

  14. Colon, Powell ACTIVE. #Jets inactives: Bryce Petty Chris Owusu Marcus Williams Jaiquawn Jarrett Jarvis Harrison Ben Ijalana Stephen Bowen

  15. Inactives: Bryce Petty, Chris Owusu, Marcus Williams, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Jarvis Harrison, Ben Ijalana, Stephen Bowen. #nyj

  16. #Jets inactives: Bryce Petty, Chris Owusu, Marcus Williams, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Jarvis Harrison, Ben Ijalana Stephen Bowen

  17. #Jets inactives: Bryce Petty, Chris Owusu, Marcus Williams, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Jarvis Harrison, Ben Ijalana, Stephen Bowen.

  18. Jets inactives: QB Bryce Petty, WR Chris Owusu, CB Marcus Williams, S Jaiquawn Jarrett, G Jarvis Harrison, T Ben... http://t.co/HOuvwmN6Bb

  19. Safety @jaiquawnjarrett is here helping out at @mowilkerson's Thanksgiving event #jets https://t.co/WlCljDZxBK

  20. Sheldon Richardson, Damon Harrison and Jaiquawn Jarrett are all at Mo's event #nyj

  21. S Jaiquawn Jarrett has cleared waivers. He’s now placed on #Jets' IR. https://t.co/1ZdUaVSPO9

  22. #Jets announce safety Jaiquawn Jarrett has cleared waivers + is now on their IR list

  23. Monday Jets News: ---------- C Nick Mangold's X-Rays on his neck came back negative this morning. He's listed on the injury report with a sore neck. RB Chris Ivory said he felt a little tightness in his hamstring after his first run yesterday. It was evident that he wasn't 100%. His listed with tightness in his quad on the injury report. S Calvin Pryor has suffered a sprained ankle in yesterday's game. S Jaiquawn Jarret has cleared waivers and has been placed on the Jets' IR. ---------- #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #News #Jets

  24. Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett has been placed on the Jets IR, after passing through waivers unclaimed! #NYJets #Jets #NewYorkJets

  25. Jaiquawn Jarrett now on Jets' injured reserve after clearing waivers after being waived-injured

  26. S Jaiquawn Jarrett cleared waivers and was placed on Jets' IR. #nyj

  27. Jaiquawn Jarrett cleared waivers and was added to Jets’ IR. #nyj

  28. #Jets S Jaiquawn Jarrett was placed on IR after passing through waivers unclaimed.

  29. Todd Bowles said Jaiquawn Jarrett, who is likely to be placed on Jets' IR after being waived, has shoulder and knee issues.

  30. Bowles said Jaiquawn Jarrett, who was waived to make room for Weatherford, has a knee injury and a shoulder injury #jets

  31. That means Jaiquawn Jarrett and Willie Colon are both active, and Steve Weatherford is active in his first game with the #Jets.

  32. From @domcosentino: Jets sign former Giants punter Steve Weatherford, waive/injured Jaiquawn Jarrett. https://t.co/M0eP3LNO7V

  33. To make room for Steve Weatherford, the #Jets waived/injured Jaiquawn Jarrett

  34. #Jets make Steve Weatherford signing official, waive/injured former 2nd-round safety Jaiquawn Jarrett to make room. https://t.co/YqeKTdc2yf

  35. Jets waived-injured safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and signed punter Steve Weatherford

  36. Jets make Steve Weatherford signing official. Waived/injured S Jaiquawn Jarrett to make room.

  37. Jets made Weatherford signing official and waived/injured Jaiquawn Jarrett in a corresponding move.

  38. We have signed P Steve Weatherford and waived/injured S Jaiquawn Jarrett (knee). https://t.co/legzgZf97Y