1. Beef jerky fuels Steelers' Jacoby Jones during game prep - "protein, baby." https://t.co/kJkDbJ4R9g

  2. Jones Says He's Prepared to Revive Kickoff, Punt Return Units

  3. Jacoby Jones: Return Game 'All About Chemistry'

  4. Steelers Recall Defending New Teammate Jones

  5. Steelers Sign Jacoby Jones, Waive Archer

  6. Mike Tomlin says Jacoby Jones is the team's punt returner as of today. #steelers @pasports

  7. Jacoby Jones will handle returns ...Ben, Landry Jones are as healthy as can be expected.

  8. Tomlin said Jacoby Jones will return punts in Seattle. Indicates Landry Jones is healthy enough to practice and then play on Sunday.

  9. Steelers Claim Jacoby Jones, Waive Dri Archer

  10. Don't Expect Ravens Reunion for Jacoby Jones

  11. Chargers Release Jacoby Jones

  12. Mike Tomlin: Jacoby Jones will be returning punts. Landry Jones healthy enough to play? "I wouldn't say *completely*" -- but he's "great."

  13. Tomlin says Jacoby Jones will continue to return punts for #Steelers

  14. Jacoby Jones wasn't the problem. Now what?

  15. Chargers Cut WR/KR Jacoby Jones

  16. Jones' Watching Leads to Chargers' Downfall

  17. Jones (Ankle) Returns After Missing 3 Games

  18. The simple Jacoby Jones problem https://t.co/digFtxYV3T #steelers @PennLive

  19. Official Steelers depth chart released this week still lists Antonio Brown as co-punt returner with Jacoby Jones. For what it's worth.

  20. Jacoby Jones has 3 punt returns for a net of 2 yards for the Steelers.

  21. Buzz: Owners Want LA Plan Involving Chargers, Rams

  22. Jacoby Jones is a joke.

  23. The Jacoby Jones Experience™ continues

  24. Jacoby Jones was gesticulating after the punt. About what, I'm not sure. #steelers @pasports

  25. Jacoby Jones fumbles punt return. Recovers it. Which means when Browns DB Johnson Bademosi was signaling wrong way, he was actually right

  26. Danny Smith said he isn't into the part-time punt returner. Jacoby Jones returns first punt means Antonio Brown has lost the job?

  27. Just when you thought nobody could be worse than Dri Archer, Jacoby Jones may be proving that theory wrong.

  28. I'd say sun got in Jacoby Jones' eyes but .... it's behind west side of stadium.

  29. #Steelers' Jacoby Jones muffed punt and recovered while surrounded by #Browns. PIT to begin series at its 10, 14:49 2Q.

  30. Jacoby Jones back for this punt. Danny Smith said this week he'd like to have only one punt returner.

  31. Jacoby Jones and Todman back deep

  32. It should be noted that #Steelers KR/WR Jacoby Jones was NOT involved in a traffic incident in Pittsburgh on Thursday despite media reports.

  33. “I believe he is going to create a spark for us”. Jacoby Jones settles into return game, @MarkKaboly_Trib writes: https://t.co/wSUOLtyNHI

  34. New Steelers kick returner Jacoby Jones left the T-shirt he made famous in Baltimore: https://t.co/7K41SzydKy

  35. Jacoby Jones said he's willing to play WR "Whatever they want me to do, I'm happy" Kick/punt coverage? "No, I can't tackle to save my life"

  36. Jacoby Jones sure didn't look like a Pro Bowl KR/PR Sunday, but Mike Tomlin pointed it out anyway https://t.co/Dnu6CfHOdg #Steelers

  37. Average Steelers field position after a Jacoby Jones kickoff return Sunday? Their own 18.

  38. Antonio Brown up, Jacoby Jones down in Steelers' win https://t.co/2UBUeeocZY

  39. Jacoby Jones was wearing a Penguins cap in the locker room. "I got here and I didn't have any clothes, so I went to Foot Locker."

  40. Usually sure-handed AB fumbles. Not Jacoby Jones.

  41. Antonio Brown returning this punt instead of Jacoby Jones

  42. I think you all are seeing why Raiders signed Marcus Thigpen over Jacoby Jones.

  43. Jacoby Jones has average 1 yard on 2 punt returns for the #Steelers. And that's an improvement over his #Chargers numbers. #RavensTalk

  44. Jacoby Jones had five punt returns, minus-4 yards as Charger. Released Tuesday. First return as Steeler stopped for minus-3.

  45. Appears Jacoby Jones is the punt returner in place of Antonio Brown now. #steelers @Pasports

  46. Jacoby Jones now on punt returns...no more Antonio Brown

  47. Jacoby Jones back for the punt return

  48. Jacoby Jones running backwards again

  49. Shaky start for Jacoby Jones but Steelers start from the 21.

  50. Jesse James will be used on kickoff return team to start. aka, the Spaeth role. ... Jacoby Jones No. 13 is back, aka Dri's old digits