1. Jacoby Ellsbury is ruled out on interference on Chase Headley's pop up, which brings Joe Girardi out of the dugout. Headley to first.

  2. Could Yanks Trade Jacoby Instead of Gardner?

  3. Girardi Thinks Ellsbury Understands Benching

  4. In Lineup Blunder, Girardi Opts for Gardner Over Ellsbury

  5. Ellsbury's Benching Offers Timely Reminder for Red Sox

  6. Jacoby Ellsbury and Alexei Ramirez collided on a Headley pop-up. Ellsbury out on interference; Girardi doesn't like call but loses argument.

  7. The White Sox get 1 on the board in the 1st. @JacobyEllsbury will lead off for the #Yankees.

  8. Chase Headley ties the game with a ground rule double, driving home Jacoby Ellsbury. 1-1, b6.

  9. Headley, Ellsbury Out with Back Injuries

  10. Ellsbury, McCann Back in Lineup Saturday

  11. That’s a scoreless 1st frame from #Sevy! The hot-hitting @JacobyEllsbury will lead off for the #Yankees.

  12. A sac fly from Mac brings home @JacobyEllsbury and the #Yankees lead 1-0!

  13. Yankees lineup vs. Boston: Ellsbury cf Gardner lf Rodriguez dh Beltran rf Headley 3b Bird 1b Murphy c Gregorius ss Refsnyder 2b Nova p

  14. Girardi: Slumping Ellsbury Has to 'Fight Through It'

  15. Jacoby Ellsbury to Stay at Leadoff Spot

  16. A @JacobyEllsbury double + a Gardy sac bunt + an @AROD sac fly = #Yankees lead 1-0.

  17. #Yankees News: Tanaka to start WC game; Ellsbury a question mark; NYY moving on from Drew http://t.co/1fQ158ZTEh http://t.co/JkAuqBBD0b

  18. You’re a wizard, @JacobyEllsbury. http://t.co/KUwOZhANEN

  19. #Yankees get on the board as @JacobyEllsbury trots home on a groundout and @carlosbeltran15 smacks an RBI double. It’s now 6-2.

  20. Yankees lineup vs. Boston: Ellsbury cf Headley 3b Rodriguez dh Beltran rf McCann c Young lf Bird 1b Refsnyder 2b Gregorius ss Tanaka p

  21. Masahiro Tanaka has retired 8 straight, and @JacobyEllsbury doubled to lead off the 5th. http://t.co/Oyc3ijNOas

  22. Ellsbury slams into the bullpen plexiglass attempting a catch. Hit his back and was down for an extra beat, but he remains in the game.

  23. Girardi said Ellsbury isn't starting because of a sore back. Ellsbury crashed into CF fence trying to make a catch last night.

  24. Ellsbury out of lineup with sore back after crashing into wall last night. Will go through pregame workout. May be available off the bench

  25. Despite running into wall last night... I've been told Ellsbury's back not an issue. Will be available off the bench #yankees

  26. Now on http://t.co/qRp3KIlQpY: Ellsbury, Headley out with sore backs http://t.co/1J97AuuhUw

  27. NEWS Ellsbury, Headley out with sore backs http://t.co/F9MJxB7eTS #yankees #nyy #mlb

  28. Girardi said he's resting "about 39 guys" so you won't see Ellsbury. https://t.co/C48P17fec2

  29. #Game162 starts NOW! @JacobyEllsbury digs in, and it’s time to play ball! #PinstripePride

  30. NYY 16 pos. players: McCann, Murphy, Sanchez, Bird, Ack, Ref, Didi, Headley, Ryan, Beltran, Ellsbury, Gardy, Heathcott, Young, Noel & A-Rod.

  31. My best guess on NYY starting lineup tonight: Ellsbury 8, Young 7, ARod DH, Beltran 9, McCann 2, Headley 5, Bird 3, Refsnyder 4, Gregorius 6

  32. Young is 6-20 off Keuchel & must start. I thought Ellsbury would start, but Gardner sees 4.16 pitches PPA. Might be part of Girardi thinking

  33. Ellsbury sits; McCann does not http://t.co/GsLWo74qhv

  34. Joe said Gardner's numbers vs. lefties were deciding factor in playing him over Ellsbury

  35. Why Gardner over Ellsbury? Girardi said it came down to Gardner's overall "body of work" vs LHP versus Ellsbury's.

  36. Girardi told Ellsbury, "You're going to be in this game" at some point. Girardi said that Ellsbury told the manager he would be ready.

  37. Ellsbury playing b/c of Gardy's career numbers vs. lefties, Girardi says #Yankees

  38. Joe Girardi said he chose to play Gardner over Ellsbury because of Gardner's superior numbers vs lefties. But... http://t.co/RXV2pMLot8

  39. Yankee manager Joe Girardi said he wanted a RH bat in the lineup, Chris Young, and liked Gardner's ABs against lefties better than Ellsbury.

  40. Girardi on sitting Ellsbury: "in the end it was Gardy’s numbers against lefthanders this year compared to Jacoby’s."

  41. NEWS Ellsbury not in lineup; Gardner leading off http://t.co/JuXYL4avX5 #yankees #nyy #mlb

  42. Girardi b4 gm about Gardner over Ellsbury: "I am the 1 who has to live with it." Gardner 0-3 3Ks. #Yankees #Astros

  43. Now at the plate for the #Yankees: @JacobyEllsbury.

  44. Jacoby Ellsbury pops up, more booing. Three outs 'til midnight.

  45. Jacoby Ellsbury pinch hits, gets jammed for a soft lineout to end the 8th. More boos from the Yankee crowd #Yankees #Astros #WildCard

  46. McCarron: Yankees don't get value from Tanaka, Ellsbury http://t.co/4I6fNvEaoc

  47. Girardi on his relationship with Ellsbury after playoff benching: "As far as fence-mending, that’s to be determined, I guess."