1. Jack Del Rio Reportedly Retained as Broncos Defensive Coordinator

    Despite a forgettable showing from his defense in Super Bowl XLVIII, Jack Del Rio will remain defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos...

    Tim Keeney Written by Tim Keeney about 9 months ago 8,095 reads 45 comments

  2. Overlooked Denver Broncos Defense Is Real Key to Super Bowl Victory

    With Super Bowl XLVIII just days away, the headlines surrounding the game are undoubtedly the weather, Richard Sherman, and Super Bowl commercial teasers. Oh yeah, and the fact that the Denver Broncos boast the league's No...

    Joe Rapolla Jr. Written by Joe Rapolla Jr. about 9 months ago 3,505 reads 22 comments

  3. Minnesota Vikings: Patience Will Lead to the Right Choice for Head Coach

    After cutting ties with Leslie Frazier, the Minnesota Vikings are in the midst of a search for their next head coach. For general manager Rick Spielman , it will be one of the most important decisions of his tenure with the team...

    Travis Wakeman Written by Travis Wakeman about 10 months ago 14,328 reads 41 comments

  4. USC Football: Biggest Drawback of Pat Haden's Possible Coaching Candidates

    The gas pedal on USC's coaching search is suddenly stuck in acceleration, for a big name meant to be atop Pat Haden 's Christmas list (along with a majority of the nation's looming vacancies) has reportedly been scratched...

    Mike Luca Written by Mike Luca about 11 months ago 3,973 reads 7 comments

  5. Jack Del Rio Would Be Ideal Candidate to Take over as USC Coach

    While Denver Broncos defensive coordinator and current interim head coach Jack Del Rio may have his own set of plans for the future, there's no doubt that the California native ...

    Patrick Clarke Written by Patrick Clarke about 11 months ago 4,755 reads 39 comments

  6. How Jack Del Rio Can Be Successful as the Interim Head Coach of the Broncos

    The Denver Broncos will be without their head coach John Fox for at least the next few games as he recovers from surgery to replace an aortic valve...

    Christopher Hansen Written by Christopher Hansen about 12 months ago 3,761 reads 10 comments

  7. Jack Del Rio Will Find Success as Interim Head Coach of Denver Broncos

    Jack Del Rio recently assumed the role of interim head coach for the Denver Broncos , being promoted from his regular role as the team’s defensive coordinator in incumbent head coach John Fox’s absence...

    Alex Kay Written by Alex Kay about 12 months ago 1,132 reads 5 comments

  8. What's Next for the Broncos with Jack Del Rio as Interim Head Coach?

    Jack Del Rio has been named the interim head coach of the Denver Broncos in the wake of John Fox being forced to take a leave of absence from the team to have surgery on a heart valve, per Jeff Legwold of ESPN...

    Chris Trapasso Written by Chris Trapasso about 12 months ago 14,992 reads 34 comments

  9. Jack Del Rio Named Denver Broncos Interim Head Coach in John Fox's Absence

    The Denver Broncos have named Jack Del Rio their interim head coach while John Fox is out of action, according to Gray Caldwell and Stuart Zaas of DenverBroncos.com. Jack Del Rio is now the Broncos' interim head coach/defensive coordinator..

    Alex Kay Written by Alex Kay about 12 months ago 25,769 reads 36 comments

  10. Impact of an Interim Head Coach Could Vary for the Denver Broncos

    Denver Broncos head coach John Fox will miss a significant amount of time after aortic heart valve replacement surgery early next week, leaving the team needing to find a replacement in the interim...

    Christopher Hansen Written by Christopher Hansen about 12 months ago 10,312 reads 26 comments