1. Ian Mahinmi Airball Back-to-Back Free Throws in Exhibition Game

    With all the changes in the Pacers ' rotation next year,Ian Mahinmi is likely going to have a larger role to play. Maybe the book on how to defend him is out — send him to the free throw line...

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  2. Pacers Players Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral. Celebrities and athletes from all over have participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS.....

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  3. Pacers' Rasual Butler Talks Ferguson on Twitter

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  4. Another Pacers Number Change, Hill to 44

    This isn't going to get as much attention as Paul George switching to No.13, but apparently they are not done yet playing musical numbers in Indiana ...

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  5. Kravitz: No Chance Pacers Will Tank 2014-15 Season

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  6. Early Predictions for Indiana Pacers' Starting Lineup Next Season

    Predicting the Indiana Pacers ' starting lineup for the 2014-15 NBA season is an emotional task for any Pacers fan. There will be no Paul George ...

    Poch de la Rosa Written by Poch de la Rosa about 1 month ago 9,357 reads 23 comments

  7. Team USA Unveils Plans to Honor Paul George

    Team USA will wear a uniform patch that honors Paul George in its exhibition games ahead of the FIBA World Cup, according to Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears...

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  8. Indiana Pacers Must Consider Tanking the 2014-15 NBA Season

    The 2014-15 season shouldn't matter to the Indiana Pacers any longer. In the wake of Paul George 's devastating injury, one that will keep him out for the entire year, the Pacers said all the right things...

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  9. Will Indiana Pacers' Defense Fall Apart Without Paul George?

    The departure of Lance Stephenson in free agency already left a big hole in the Indiana Pacers ' starting lineup, but the loss of Paul George to a gruesome leg injury during a Team USA scrimmage will prove even more devastating...

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  10. Pacers 2014-15 Schedule: Top Games, Championship Odds and Record Predictions

    The Indiana Pacers are the most uncertain commodity among the Eastern Conference's top teams entering the 2014-15 NBA season...

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  11. 'We Can Rebuild' Shirts Made for Paul George

    There has been an outpouring of support for Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George since he suffered a broken right leg on Aug. 1 that will likely keep him out of the 2014-15 season...

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  12. How Far Will Indiana Pacers Fall Without Paul George?

    Unrestrained optimism is no match for the Paul George -less Indiana Pacers . No matter how his absence following an open tibia-fibula fracture is spun, no matter what context it's put in, there is no bright side...

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  13. NBA Rumors: Roy Hibbert Trade Rumblings Continue Pacers' Subtle Culture Shift

    When the Indiana Pacers allowed Lance Stephenson to exit stage Charlotte this summer, the whole situation seemed unsettlingly narrow-minded...

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  14. Frank Vogel's Coaching About to Get Ultimate Test for Depleted Indiana Pacers

    At far too many points toward the end of the last regular season, it was easy to imagine Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel wondering—perhaps aloud, perhaps only to himself—whether things could possibly get any worse...

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  15. Pacers Press Conference With Larry Bird and Frank Vogel

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  16. Vogel Shows Confidence in Team at Presser

    Vogel, on the season ahead: "We've got a winning culture here. I think we're going to surprise some people...

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  17. Paul George to Change Jersey Number to 13

    Paul George jerseys will have a different look to them at Bankers Life Fieldhouse each night next season, as the Indiana Pacers star has changed from No. 24 to No. 13, assuming the alias "PG-13...

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  18. Report: Paul George to Change Number to 13

    Despite his absence, the Indiana Pacers will surely sell some Paul George jerseys this upcoming season, and when they do, they'll have a different number on them...

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  19. Ex-Pacers Coach Bobby 'Slick' Leonard Inducted into Hall of Fame

    After 63 years of service to basketball, including 48 with the Indiana Pacers , Bobby "Slick" Leonard finished the journey that started on a blacktop court in Depression-era Terre ...

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  20. Team USA to Keep George on Olympic Roster

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Team USA will keep Paul George on the roster for the 2016 Olympics and is looking into options for a salute when the World Cup begins in later this month, ...

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  21. Explaining Why Jeff Green Likely Won't Be the Answer to Indiana's Wing Problem

    Last Friday, the balance of power in the Eastern Conference shifted due to unfortunate circumstances. Pacers forward Paul George broke his right leg in a gruesome sequence after ...

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  22. Blogtable: Are the Pacers Done?

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  23. How Will Indiana Pacers Score Points Without Paul George and Lance Stephenson?

    It's a good thing the Indiana Pacers know how to play some defense. They'll need a lot of it without their two most dynamic playmakers from the 2013-14 campaign...

    Stephen Babb Written by Stephen Babb about 1 month ago 5,255 reads 22 comments

  24. Should Indiana Pacers Already Hit Reset Button on 2014-15 Season?

    Paul George is gone. How much of the Indiana Pacers ' hopes and dreams did he take with him? The Pacers won 56 games last season in a rather unimpressive way...

    Fred Katz Written by Fred Katz about 1 month ago 2,454 reads 12 comments

  25. Report: Pacers to Apply for Exception to Replace George

    Pacers will apply 4 Disabled Player Exception to replace Paul George , per source. Can sign free agent for 1yr at $5.3M...

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