1. Marlins score a run on a one-hop throw from Ian Desmond that Tyler Moore couldn't scoop. Nats up 3*-1 after two innings.

  2. Zimmermann, Desmond Get QOs; Span Doesn't

  3. 9/28 @Nationals lineup vs CIN Taylor CF Turner SS Rendon 3B Robinson 1B Ramos C Moore LF den Dekker RF Uggla 2B Scherzer P

  4. Ian Desmond bunts but doesn't get it far enough away from the plate. Wieters throws out tying run, pinch runner Wilmer Difo, going to third.

  5. Harper said he also wanted to win today b/c it was Ian Desmond's three young boys last day in the clubhouse. (They only come in after wins.)

  6. Ian Desmond homers into the right center field stands. 1-0 Nationals.

  7. DESI!! #BOOM #STEAK! Ian Desmond's 19th HR of the season clanks off the facade of the 2nd deck in RF. #Nats up, 1-0! http://t.co/qfQ6L2Sk67

  8. A MOONshot for Ian Desmond. Hits one off the facing of the second deck in right-center. Nats up 1-0.

  9. Ian Desmond, who has a handful of games left as a National, on the "new chapter looming" in his life: http://t.co/EbwfY9IUAT

  10. Ian Desmond is 3-for-3 today.

  11. A curtain call for Ian Desmond as Trea Turner comes out to take his place at SS as the top of the 9th begins. Moore in LF, den Dekker in RF.

  12. Ian Desmond replaced defensively in the 9th. Gets a long and loud ovation. Tipping his cap to fans.

  13. Ian Desmond gets a great ovation from the fans as he leaves the game. #Nats #Nationals #MLB

  14. In the middle, Ian Desmond comes out of possibly his last home game at Nats Park. Hugs all around. Cool moment. Weird contrast.

  15. Ian Desmond on the altercation: "non-story."

  16. Not to be forgotten: Ian Desmond on the next chapter looming in his life & the special ovation he received: http://t.co/EbwfY9IUAT

  17. Ian Desmond, off today, is out signing autographs and hugging fans right now. Has been for awhile.

  18. Ian Desmond, not playing today, is near the first base line and spent a while signing autographs, talking to and hugging fans.

  19. Ian Desmond sends a double off the top of CF fence, just missing 19th HR. Trying to get to 20 for 4th straight season.

  20. Ian Desmond juuuust misses a home run off the top of the wall in CF for his 27th double of the season.

  21. Ian Desmond doubles off the top of the center field wall, just missing his 20th homer of the season.

  22. Last chance for the #Nats' bats. Jayson Werth, Clint Robinson & Ian Desmond due up in the ninth.

  23. "For 135 pounds soaking wet, he hit that ball a long way." -- Ian Desmond on Trea Turner's first MLB homer

  24. On Trea Turner's 1st career homer, Bryce Harper's fading in batting race and Ian Desmond's reaction to bunting: http://t.co/cLhMpw4iX8

  25. #Nationals' Ian Desmond bunts into double play in ninth inning of #Nats' loss to #Braves http://t.co/0Vgcy7zz8x http://t.co/PrRURAaF5i

  26. Wilson Ramos on Z'mann leaving: "It’s pretty hard. I want that guy on this team." Ian Desmond: "Excited & rooting for him in the future."

  27. In slick conditions, Ian Desmond made one of his best spinning plays of the season. Grabbed a groundball headed to center field.

  28. Whoa!!!! Three strikeouts for Ian Desmond in the game. 185 in all. #Nats #Nationals #MLB

  29. Ian Desmond fought back tears while speaking to reporters. "I'm extremely proud to say that I was a Washington National."

  30. A very emotional Ian Desmond fought back tears as he talked with reporters. "I'm extremely proud to say that I was a Washington National."

  31. An emotional Ian Desmond fighting back tears during his post-game interview: "I'm extremely proud to say I was a Washington National."

  32. Ian Desmond cried during his last interview with the media. He was glad to see Harper grow as a player and the Nationals as an organization.

  33. Ian Desmond, fighting tears and losing, said goodbye this afternoon: http://t.co/uOa85nux0F

  34. Holding back tears, Ian Desmond spoke fondly of his 12 seasons in #Nats organization and of franchise's future: http://t.co/QBjI0fBwpJ

  35. Now it's Ian Desmond with a heartfelt statement to Nats fans and the DC community. https://t.co/QNfKraytng

  36. Vote Ian Desmond for #HeartAndHustle Award, given to player with passion, values & spirit https://t.co/n4YUlF0a8D https://t.co/3MIUTYK30F

  37. Nats say they've extended qualifying offers to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. Denard Span doesn't get one.

  38. Nationals extended qualifying offers to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. Takeaway: Nationals did not give QOs to Span or Fister.

  39. Nats give qualifying offers to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. Denard Span does not get one. Should boost his FA value.