NHL: Some of the Funniest Moments

By Alan Bass

We all love funny moments. But what about us hockey fans, who thirst for blood every time we go to the rink? There's nothing funny about hockey. This game is serious. Okay, well, a lot of the game is pretty funny...



2008 NHL Playoffs: Another Presidential Victory For Detroit!

by The Captain -Brian Kates

Not only did the Detroit Red Wings win Thursday night and not only did they come from behind to win with a last second goal by Henrik Zetterberg, but they also came away with the 2007-08 President's Trophy...



2010 World Cup: Prima Donna Floppers & Maggot Crook Refs

by Christopher Mathews

After following the 2010 World Cup I totally understand the extreme fanatacism of soccer... I mean-"football fans". Years of following an uber corrupt sport will drive you to the edge of insanity, or better yet, transform you into a hooligan...



Can The Bleacher Quinnbots Beat The Peedee Quinnbots?

by Believeland Clowns

Another pearler from the professional Quinnbots at the Peedee after their hatchet job on Derek Anderson: "The Browns have traded DE Louis Leonard to Carolina...