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If you find yourself ready for the 2014 NFL draft but aren’t sure where to go for updated information and analysis, you’ve found the right place. Welcome to the first edition of a new weekly column—my NFL draft scouting notebook.

This column will serve as a type of mind dump of all pertinent NFL draft news from the previous week. No one person can keep track of every player, every storyline and every injury, but here you will get the biggest news and how that news affects draft stock, team needs and other draft-related possibilities.

Every Thursday morning—from now until the draft—you’ll get analysis, insider information, personal scouting notes and hopefully a few interesting nuggets.

Let’s get started.


Five Up


If you're a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Houston Texans, you're already looking ahead to the 2014 NFL draft and wondering who your team will add to the depth chart. If you're a team like the Carolina Panthers, who are oh-so-close to a playoff run, the 2014 draft will be about grabbing the one or two players needed to become a consistent competitor.

Whether you're rooting for a team in major need of a rebuild or a team looking to merely upgrade its already loaded talent, the 2014 draft will be a big one. Who brings home Teddy Bridgewater to lead the franchise? Who's going to get lucky enough to nab defensive end Jadeveon Clowney?

Find out with a full two-round mock draft.


*Draft order courtesy of Over the Cap*

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The 2014 NFL draft will be heavy on quarterback prospects ready to step into the pros and run an offense. But who are these quarterbacks?

We all know about Johnny Manziel—maybe too much actually, thanks to his Heisman Trophy season and summer of off-field antics. But what do we know about his game? And aside from Manziel and perceived top quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who are the other top players at the game's most important position?

There are seniors, juniors and even redshirt sophomores who have caught the attention of the NFL this fall. Six of those quarterbacks carry a first-round grade as the college season comes to a close.

Let's learn who they are.


Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville


Throughout the season, NFL teams are doing self-evaluations to determine which positions need an upgrade, which need more depth and which are strong headed into the offseason.

At Bleacher Report, we're doing the same thing.

Each team's roster has been scouted over the course of the first half of the NFL season with an eye on where improvements can be made. For some teams, it's a key free agent they must re-sign. For others, it's a lack of talent or youth at a certain position.

The following look at team needs is based on the roster as it stands today, with pending free agents taken into account. And personnel fits are based on the current coaching staff. There will obviously be coaching changes that alter those fits, and the list will be updated accordingly.


How would the 2013 NFL draft look if we were able to do it all over again right now? To be blunt, it wouldn't look the same at all.

The Kansas City Chiefs would love the chance to swap Eric Fisher out for a more dependable player. Had we known what EJ Manuel and Geno Smith would look like, multiple teams would jump at the chance to have them on their roster.

Unfortunately the NFL doesn't allow a midseason re-draft, but we do.


A few ground rules:


Midway through the 2013 NFL season, and it's already time to start looking ahead to the 2014 draft class.

If you're a fan of the winless Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the upcoming NFL draft is really all you have to look forward to. You're pinning your hopes of future success on a franchise quarterback, cornerstone left tackle or 10-sack defensive end. Even in October, the NFL draft is huge.

Taking a look at what the first two rounds of the May draft will look like this early is dangerous, and you, the reader, should know that this is only to show where teams would be drafting currently, what their pre-free-agency needs are and where the top players are projected to be drafted. This is not a prediction of what will happen in May, but a prediction of what would happen if the draft were today.

With that in mind, I've included top underclassmen (redshirt sophomores and juniors) who are likely to enter the 2014 draft. This is just a prediction, and some of them will definitely return to school rather than enter the draft.


Former Oregon football player Colt Lyerla was arrested and taken into custody Wednesday night in Lane County, Ore.

Multiple sources, including Lane County Sheriff's department officials, confirm that the former Oregon Duck was arrested for "possession and interfering." Sergeant Steve French, the office's public information officer, has confirmed that the former Oregon football player was arrested on the evening of Oct. 23 in Eugene, Ore., and charged with unlawful possession of cocaine and interfering with a police officer

Here's an excerpt from the department's press release:

The Oregonian's Andrew Greif supplied Lyerla's mugshot via the Lane County Sheriff's Office:


Midway through the NFL and college football seasons, certain fanbases are already focusing in on the upcoming 2014 NFL draft. And for good reason.

If you're a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers—two winless teams—then you're already looking forward to next season and the potential talent that may be added this offseason through free agency and the draft. The good news is that it's draft season here, too, and more time will be devoted each week to breaking down the upcoming draft class.

Which players have helped themselves most over the last four weeks? Who is falling down draft boards? We'll keep you updated.


Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III? Eli Manning or Philip Rivers? Vince Young or Matt Leinart? Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? Making the right decision on which quarterback to draft can be the difference between a Super Bowl ring and mediocrity—but in some cases it works out either way. Or doesn't at all.

In the 2014 draft class, once again we have that debate at the top: junior Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville or redshirt sophomore Marcus Mariota of Oregon?

Draft classes are often defined by the potential of the quarterbacks available, and in the 2014 class we have two top-five players with instant-impact ability.

Which player grades out as the better of the two?


Which college players are moving up and down NFL draft boards as we head into October?

Marquee players have been under the microscope in the last month, giving evaluators a clean look at their true ability. The hype of summer is gone—all that's left is production and ability. Some players have shown to be more talented than expected, while others are falling down draft boards due to poor play or injury.

Who is moving up and who moved down?


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