The NFL season is coming to an end. College football's last game will be played January 6. It's draft season, friends.

As the new year looms, many college football players will be making decisions on what to do with their future. Some underclassmen will leave college a year or two early and head for the 2013 NFL draft with their senior teammates. With the Senior Bowl coming up in one month, how is the draft board shaking up?

Here's a look at eight players we're keeping an eye on this week—for one reason or another—and how their NFL draft stock is trending.


The 2013 NFL draft class is shaping up to be a good one. 

While this class doesn't feature a Von Miller or Andrew Luck, there are plenty of star-quality players who will not only be instant starters in the NFL, but players who have the potential to be All-Pro caliber. 

Texas A&M has two offensive tackles—Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews—who fit the mold. Utah's defensive tackle, Star Lotulelei, and Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner have similar upside on the defensive side of the ball.

While the class doesn't feature a once-in-a-decade quarterback like Luck, there's plenty of talent to go around. With the NFL regular season nearing its end, here is an updated look at the top 300 players on our watch list, broken down by position.


As the NFL and college football seasons get closer to completion, college underclassmen are declaring their intentions for the 2013 NFL draft class. As those names are added and removed from our database, big changes take place. 

You might think that the dead time between the end of college football's regular season and bowl season is slow for NFL draft analysts, but it's generally one of our busiest times. During this month-long "break," analysts are able to catch up on film (especially important for those of us who also cover the NFL), talk to scouts and follow up with school officials. Players may earn their draft grades in the season, but those changes are most often reflected in the offseason rankings.

With Week 15 of the NFL season almost here, let's check out five players who moved up and five who moved down this week.


The 2013 NFL draft class got a lot stronger with the announcement that Eddie Lacy would go pro.

Many will tell you that the running back position has been devalued in the NFL today thanks to the increased use of multiple backs and more emphasis on the passing game. While this is true, there's still a place in the NFL for a running back who can consistently pick up tough yards and wear down a defense.

Enter Eddie Lacy.

The Alabama running back has a chance to be the first player off the board at his position, but what will NFL teams see when they start breaking down film?


Power is what Lacy does best. He's built to be a road-grader in the run game, and NFL teams who need a one-cut, downhill runner will love his ability to be aggressive on the ground. 

Eric Francis/Getty Images

Keeping track of which underclassmen officially declare for the 2013 NFL draft can be a bit of a chore. There are so many rumors on Twitter, team message boards and NFL draft sites that knowing who has actually declared can be tough. Until now.

We'll keep track of every underclassman who officially declares for the 2013 NFL draft and list them here. Also included will be vital player details—like height, weight, school, position and an NFL draft prediction.

With the underclassman deadline to declare set at January 15, the list is starting to fill out.



The NFL season isn't over yet, but talk of the 2013 NFL draft is already heating up. With the nation's top running back, Marcus Lattimore, reportedly entering the class, how will NFL teams view his stock?

The biggest concern with Lattimore's stock is the fact that he's coming off a gruesome knee injury suffered against Tennessee on October 27. This is Lattimore's second knee surgery in as many years, putting him in a category with Willis McGahee and Frank Gore as high-level talents who saw their college years cut short by injury.

McGahee and Gore went on to be drafted in the first and third rounds, respectively, which sets the bar for where Lattimore can hope to be drafted—but is that realistic?

Lattimore suffered his latest injury in late October. By comparison, McGahee had his second knee injury in the National Championship Game, which offered him less time to recover than Lattimore will have.


Ready for the NFL draft to get here? We are too. 

If you follow the NFL draft because you love college football and can't wait to see where your favorite players will end up, this is for you. And if you're an NFL fan who is looking forward to seeing how your team can improve over the next offseason, this is for you.

Taking a fresh look at the top 300 players available for the 2013 NFL draft this week, there are many new faces, and many of the names you've become familiar with are moving up and down the board as college football's bowl season approaches. 

Take a look at our most recent Top 300 big board, broken down by position. 

Harry How/Getty Images

Former California wide receiver Keenan Allen has thrown his name into the 2013 NFL draft. Where will he find himself drafted?

Before knowing where Allen will be drafted, we have to look at what he does well and what he doesn't do so great. The Golden Bear has been a phenomenal college football player, but we all know that rarely translates to NFL success or high draft standing.

The biggest issue surrounding Allen's stock is his injured knee. How quickly Allen recovers from the injured PCL in his left knee will ultimately determine where he's drafted. With a healthy knee, Allen is the most dynamic wide receiver in this year's class.




It's never not NFL draft season in these parts, but with college football's regular season ending and the NFL season entering Week 14, the offseason is starting to become more of a priority. Especially if you're a fan of one of the 20 teams that won't be enjoying the playoffs.

With so much changing each week, we like to take a look at the big movers and shakers of the last seven days. These aren't the only players moving up or down the board, but they are the most notable for the last week.

Who is moving up? Two players are re-entering the list thanks to their decisions to enter the 2013 NFL draft, while another player gets a tick up the board after an embarrassing clerical error. 

Check it out on the inside.


The 2013 NFL draft will give all 32 teams a chance to plug holes, start a rebuilding process or reload for a playoff run next season. Who are the players available to fuel every team's hopes and dreams for 2013?

Each week, our top 300 players are updated with a breakdown by position to show where the value and talent is at each position. This week brings big changes to the top 32.

Injuries are adding up as top prospects like Keenan Allen, Matt Barkley and Tank Carradine all end their college football careers nursing major injuries. Those injuries and more are allowing other players the opportunity to move up—and there is a long list of players ready to assume the top spot at their respective positions.

How does our draft board look heading into Week 13?