Another week of college football action means more movement up and down the big board for the 2013 NFL draft. What changes can you expect this week?

Injuries to several top prospectsmost notably Jackson Jeffcoathas the Top 20 looking quite a bit different this week. Excellent play by Manti Te'o of Notre Dame has the inside linebacker shooting up the board (again) this week.

And if you love quarterbacks, there's plenty of movement in those rankings for you this week.


Another week of college football is in the books, which means another week of draft prospects doing the football version of the Texas Two Step. 

Based on play, health and production, each week players are moving up and down the draft board. This week we're highlighting five players who have jumped up the board—and in some cases jumped onto our radar—and five players who are dropping down the board.

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A.J. Green hit the NFL like a punch in the face last year, quickly becoming one of the NFL's most dangerous wide receivers. The 2012 NFL draft's crop of wide receivers haven't quite lived up to Green's lofty standards, instead leaving many to wonder where the 2012 rookie receivers are hiding.

Five wide receivers were drafted in the first 33 picks of the 2012 draft, but to date, they've accounted for just 55 catches and three touchdowns in a combined 757 snaps played. To say the receivers drafted early in last year's draft have been disappointing would be a gigantic understatement.

What's keeping these young players from producing in their first season? 


1. Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars


It's that time again—time to update the Top 300 players for the 2013 NFL draft. 

Fans are already starting to look ahead, wanting to know which players will be available to fill their team's needs once the 2013 draft rolls around. With new players being added each week and players moving up and down the board, this weekly resource will be updated throughout the season.

A new No. 1 this week, plus six new players total, make up the Top 300 players on our big board.


If you're a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars or a handful of other teams performing well below expectations, chances are you've started to look ahead to the 2013 NFL draft. We have too.

The 2013 draft features a very strong group of defensive players, notably at outside linebacker and defensive end. What this class lacks is the competition for who will be the first overall player, as that will undoubtedly be West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. But who comes next?

The first round of the 2013 NFL draft is predicted here, with the draft order based on our NFL Power Rankings and the needs of each team weighed between current performance and upcoming free agents.


As the college football season heats up, new players are being added to our Top 300 each week as they prove themselves worthy for NFL draft consideration. This week sees three new names added to our Stock Watch and two mainstays making moves up the board.

As players improve, others regress. Former top prospect Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech continues to move down the board. Another former No. 1 prospect is moving down this week too.


Vontaze Burfict's name has become synonymous with a draft prospect's stock (or worth) falling dramatically. NFL teams avoided Burfict like the plague when the 2012 NFL draft rolled around, and a player who was rated as the No. 2 overall prospect before the season began found himself on the outside looking in.

Enter the Cincinnati Bengals.

Burfict is a rare player whose stock fell like the stock market on Black Tuesday without ever having an off-field issue. Instead of DUIs or multiple children, Burfict's stock plummeted due to a poor attitude, a reckless style of play and a lack of contrition about his issues. Marvin Lewis saw something more, though.

Burfict's story didn't end with the 2012 draft because he didn't give up, and many players would have. Instead he's used his entry to the NFL as an undrafted free agent as motivation. Just five weeks into the season, and Burfict is starting at weakside linebacker.

What's different?


On-Field Control

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One of the hottest names right now on draftnik big boards is Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier. In a conference with at least three edge rushers ticketed for the top half of the first round (LSU's Barkevious Mingo and Sam Montgomery, and Georgia's Jarvis Jones), Lemonier is generating buzz with his physical play and all-around contributions to the Auburn defense. Let's take a look at just how he creates an impact in so many areas.



Lemonier is solidly built at 6'4" 246 lbs, but he is not an explosive quick-twitch athlete, nor is he a particularly fluid athlete. He does play with great power and a combative nature, and Lemonier's motor keeps him going even when the play isn't run to his side of the field. The defensive end generally finishes what he starts, although his lack of outstanding overall athleticism can cause him to get overmatched by superior athletes in the open field.


Pass Rush

Lemonier is not a classic "shot out of a cannon" edge rusher who defeats his opponent with a lightning-quick first step. His tenacity and anticipation can still lead to sacks and game-changing plays. On this play, the offensive tackle attempts to cut block Lemonier low by going at his ankles:


Lemonier puts his hand on the ground and stays on his feet to defeat the attempt:


Each week during the college football season, our 2013 NFL draft rankings will be updated based on the play of the Top 300 players in the country. This week's edition means new names added, a shift among position rankings and a number of top players taking a dive down the board.

Each position is broken each singularly to give fans a look at who tops the board within each position. We've also added "niche rankings," giving you the players who will fit in a 3-4 defense, as a slot receiver and as a Joker tight end.

The 2013 NFL draft is still six months away, but NFL teams are already hitting the road and evaluating players. Here is our take on the Top 300 prospects for the 2013 class.


Each week we track the 2013 NFL draft prospects who are moving up and down our draft boards. Our Week 5 edition features familiar faces and new names—players in major conferences and smaller-school studs who are standing out on a smaller stage.

No matter where you play, if you're talented, it will show up.

Heisman Trophy favorite Geno Smith has moved up in the past, but this week we'll once again feature one of his wide receivers. Outside the Big 12, one quarterback is finding himself falling down the board while a big defensive tackle jumps up higher into the first round.