South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney is firmly entrenched atop 2014 NFL draft watch lists.

Not since Andrew Luck, and before him not since Mario Williams, have we seen a player so dominant that he was the default No. 1 overall player before playing his final college football season.

Had Clowney been eligible for the 2013 NFL draft, he would have been my No. 1 overall player. Same as Luck when he headed back to Stanford for his redshirt junior season.

Read on to see what makes Clowney such an amazing prospect.


When the 2013 NFL draft unfolds at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night, you'll want to instantly know as much as you can about your team's newest additions, or perhaps you'll just want to know about the best new talent to watch out for on Sundays.

Bleacher Report has you covered, with a scouting report database that will break down all of the pros and cons around the most likely players to hear their names called.

The Bleacher Report NFL Draft Scouting Guide features in-depth media-laden scouting reports from our draft analysts, including Sigmund Bloom, Ryan Riddle, Eric Stoner and Ryan Lownes. Scouting reports are broken down by position, with custom categories for the top players who vary depending on where they line up. Players are also ranked and given round projections in the home page for each position, so you can get a good idea of the landscape at any given spot. 

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Dion Sims

Miami Dolphins

Fourth Round, 106rd Pick


Indianapolis took two tight ends in the 2012 NFL draft. Their early second-round pick, Coby Fleener, was a more athletic player with gaudier numbers. Their early third-round pick, Dwayne Allen, was just as productive but with more ordinary athleticism and better blocking. Allen has ended up being the better pick.

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Devin Taylor

Detroit Lions

Fourth Round: 132nd Pick

Melvin Ingram was a first-round pick in 2012, and Jadeveon Clowney is sure to be one next season.


We know all about the top names in the 2013 NFL draft class, but who are the sleepers that will come in and make early impacts to their new teams?

Last year we had Russell Wilson, Alfred Morris, T.Y. Hilton and Mitchell Schwartz all provide major production and impact as draft picks outside the first round. We'll see that again in 2013 as middle- and late-round stars are able to quickly transition to the NFL and leave their mark.

Who will those players be? Here's a position-by-position guide to the 2013 draft's sleeper class.

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DeVonte Holloman

Dallas Cowboys

Sixth Round: 185th Pick

The term "'tweener" is thrown around a lot during the draft. It usually means that a player is not an ideal fit at either of two positions that he is "between". When it is used on a player like DeVonte Holloman, the term is a positive, not a negative. Holloman has displayed the ability to play like a safety and a linebacker in the South Carolina defense's "spur" position, and that creates a scouting report that the NFL should find valuable despite his lack of top-end measureables.

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Josh Boyce

New England Patriots

Fourth Round, 102nd Pick

TCU's defense and former quarterback Andy Dalton got most of the ink during their rise to college football prominence, but one of their wide receivers has been playing at a high level for the last three years with little fanfare.


Who are the top players for the 2013 NFL draft?

The 2013 draft is unique in that the talent at the top is very much flat. In contrast with the 2012 class, this year has no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Instead of a draft class dominated by the top four players, this year's crop has talent throughout.

Some will tell you that this isn't a good draft class, and I couldn't disagree more. When we look back on this class in three or five years, we will see marquee starters from the top 100 picks. All-Pro-level players will be found here.

Speaking of the top 100, it's important to note a few things. This is not a mock draft or a prediction of where players will be drafted. My Top 100 is a ranking of which players will be the best in the NFL. Much like an NFL team's war room, this is my big board.

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Some teams are looking at San Diego State's Gavin Escobar as high as the second round because he's a massive receiving tight end with good hands and ball skills. Just up I-5 at UCLA, they could find a very similar talent in Joseph Fauria who could be available four or five rounds later.

What makes Fauria one of the biggest possible steals of Day 3?



Fauria towers over any defender who is trying to cover him. He is a fluid athlete with good hands and concentration, and he has surprising strength for a tall receiver. He is a trump card in the red zone who teams will struggle to stop because he is very good at high pointing the ball and making catches in tight coverage.  

Fauria is also quicker in his routes and a more effective blocker than his body type would lead you to believe.

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Shamarko Thomas

Pittsburgh Steelers

Fourth Round, 111th Pick

Shamarko Thomas is a throwback who should have been a linebacker in the 1950's NFL. He loves to fly around the field and hit, but his disregard for the health of himself and others might not play well in the modern NFL.