1. NBA Agrees: Refs Missed Call on Foul on James Harden by Grizzlies

    The damage done could not be undone, but the NBA agreed Thursday with the Rockets ' argument that James Harden was fouled on the final seconds of their loss to the Grizzlies ...

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  2. Controversial No-Call Leaves Rockets Fuming

    James Harden 's move began like so many others. He hit Courtney Lee with a crossover dribble, left to right and then right to left, and blew by. It was how the drive ended that was so rare and shocking...

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  3. Houston Rockets Have Adjusted Without Dwight Howard but Will Need Him Back

    HOUSTON — Back when Dwight Howard and Terrence Jones most recently started together for the Houston Rockets , the Rockets were rolling. They won both ends of a back-to-back...

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  4. Howard (Knee) Progressing 'As Scheduled'

    Rockets center Dwight Howard 's “checkup” with the team physician, including an MRI, confirmed the team's confidence that Howard is progressing “on schedule,” ...

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  5. Is the Rockets Bench Enough to Win Title?

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  6. Rockets' 20th Anniversary Championship Celebration Set

    The Rockets have officially set Thursday, March 19 as the date for their commemoration of the 20th anniversary of their back-to-back championship teams from 1994-95.....

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  7. Is the NBA MVP Award James Harden's to Lose?

    James Harden has been a key leader in driving the Rockets toward the playoffs, even with Dwight Howard on the shelf...

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  8. Rockets Miss Harden in 4th Qtr of Loss

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  9. Rockets Collapse, Fall to Playoff-Bound Hawks

    ATLANTA (AP) Jeff Teague scored 25 points, Al Horford added 18 and the NBA -leading Atlanta Hawks rallied from an 18-point deficit to win their fifth straight game, 104-96 over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night...

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  10. 5 Takeaways from Houston Rockets' Chippy Win over Cleveland Cavaliers

    In a contentious scrap, the Houston Rockets front man James Harden outdueled LeBron James to lead his team to a 105-103 overtime victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday...

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  11. Are Houston Rockets Wasting Rookie Kostas Papanikolaou?

    For the first month of the season, the Houston Rockets ’ best man off the bench was Kostas Papanikolaou . But since they acquired Corey Brewer and Josh Smith , he’s dropped out of the rotation...

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  12. Houston Rockets Flash Forming Identity by Getting Under LeBron James' Skin

    HOUSTON — There had already been enough anger on this afternoon—anger about not getting calls from the officials, about getting his groin kicked by an opponent...

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  13. Harden's Heroics Help Rockets Survive in OT

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  14. Battle with LeBron James Will Be an MVP Litmus Test for James Harden

    James Harden 's NBA MVP opportunity is standing in front of him. It just happens to be taking the form of a 6'8", 250-pound freight train known as LeBron James ...

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  15. Houston Rockets' Schedule Breakdown and Predictions for Season's Final 6 Weeks

    These last few weeks will look different than the beginning of the season for the Houston Rockets but hopefully with a similar result. The roster has some new faces, but Houston is hoping to recapture the magic that led to a 6-0 start...

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  16. Daryl Morey: Take James Harden off Our Team, and We're Nowhere

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  17. Rockets Makes Nets Pay for Key Mistake Down the Stretch in Friday's Win

    For all of James Harden 's struggles throughout the night, the Brooklyn Nets did not really think going with the first-ever hack-a-Harden strategy was a good idea...

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  18. Jones Has Season-Best 26 Points as Rockets Beat Nets 102-98

    HOUSTON (AP) Terrence Jones scored a season-high 26 points, James Harden made the tiebreaking free throw with 43 seconds left and followed that with a jumper, and the Houston Rockets beat the Brooklyn Nets 102-98 on Friday night...

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  19. James Harden Delivers Impressive 2-Pointer

    James Harden continues to impress. Look up the word "clutch" in the dictionary, and this man's beard should pop up! Watch the video above to see Harden's clutch two-pointer ...

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