1. Arnold Peralta, Honduras National Soccer Team Player, Dies at Age 26

    Arnold Peralta, a member of Honduras' national soccer team, was killed Thursday in his home country when he was shot in the parking lot of a shopping mall, according to the Associated Press ...

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  2. Haiti Eliminate Honduras from Gold Cup 1-0

    Haiti used a first half goal from Duckens Nazon to knock Honduras out of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Monday night, collecting a 1-0 victory in Kansas City that left them very much in position to reach the last eight of the competition...

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  3. Najar Leads Honduras Lineup vs. Panama

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  4. Video: Discua Scores 1st International Goal

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  5. Honduras Announces Starting XI for Gold Cup Opener

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  6. Honduran Footballer Marlon Pena Kung-Fu Kicks Pitch Invader in the Head

    Note to potential pitch invaders: Stay away from matches involving Marlon Pena. The Real Espana defender delivered some brutal retribution to a fan who decided to involve himself ...

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