1. That Time Joe Duffy Choked Out a Young Conor McGregor

    Joe Duffy laces 'em up this weekend at UFC Fight Night 107 in London. He's perhaps not the most famous guy on the UFC roster, even if he's 3-1 in the promotion and serving as a headliner for the prelims on Fight Pass against Reza Medadi...

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  2. New UFC Announcer Todd Grisham on His Debut and Working with Vince McMahon

    UPDATED (Post Fight 2/20/2017) On Sunday the first new voice since 2012 called the play-by-play action for a North American UFC show, as former WWE announcer Todd Grisham joined ...

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  3. Natasha Hastings Is Proving Speed Still Matters in the NFL, No Matter Its Source

    Before Natasha Hastings, a gold medal-winning Olympic sprinter, started training dozens of college athletes for the NFL draft this past Monday, she had one concern. It was a reasonable one...

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  4. Top 5 Forgotten Super Bowl Plays

    Sometimes big plays are overshadowed by even bigger ones late in the game. Check out the five best runner-up plays in Super Bowl history. Editor's note: Specific NFL ...

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  5. Scout: Tom Brady the Greatest of All Time? Not so Fast

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  6. Examining John Cena's Elimination Chamber History Ahead of SmackDown PPV

    The Elimination Chamber has provided proof that John Cena is WWE 's Superman, but the steel structure has also been his kryptonite ...

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  7. Super Bowl 2017: Quarter-by-Quarter Score, Final Stats for Patriots vs. Falcons

    It isn't too hyperbolic to suggest that Super Bowl LI was the most exciting NFL title game we've ever witnessed. The game gave us both the largest comeback and the first overtime in Super Bowl history...

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  8. Super Bowl 2017 Score: Quarter-by-Quarter Breakdown of Patriots vs. Falcons

    The past year in sports has been all about the unbelievable. No one expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to come back from down 3-1. No one thought the Chicago Cubs would do the same...

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  9. 84 Lumber Debuts Immigration Commercial During Super Bowl 51

    In its Super Bowl 51 commercial Sunday, 84 Lumber depicted a mother and a daughter's journey to becoming American citizens...

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  10. Super Bowl Ads 2017: Analyzing Value and Cost of Top Commercials

    Each player on the winning Super Bowl team will receive $107,000 in bonus money. That's not bad for a day's work. However, that pales in comparison to the money Fox will receive selling Super Bowl ad space...

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  11. Scout Flashback Friday: Julio Jones, Foley High School (Alabama)

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  12. Super Bowl Commercials 2017: Latest Ad Costs for Casual-Fan Entertainment

    If you have $5 million in spare change tucked away in the cracks of your living room couch, you can call up Fox and pay for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl ...

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  13. Relive Jorge Masvidal's Backyard Fights vs. Kimbo Slice's Protege

    This past Saturday at UFC on Fox 23, Jorge Masvidal put on the most impressive performance of his 14-year professional MMA career...

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  14. Scout: Everything You Need to Know About New Jets OC John Morton

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  15. Super Bowl 51 Prize Money: Bonus Payout Distribution for Patriots vs. Falcons

    Super Bowl winners (and losers) have received bonus money since the first edition of the game in 1967. However, as the Super Bowl and NFL have grown exponentially in 51 seasons, ...

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  16. Analyzing the Evolution of WWE's Royal Rumble Match over the Last 30 Years

    The WWE Royal Rumble has changed shape over the last three decades, adding layers to its basic structure. The chaotic match that kicks off the year for WWE largely looks the same on the surface as it did in the late '80s...

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  17. Leo Santa Cruz Motivated to Force a Rubber Match with Carl Frampton

    The sweat was still glistening. The bruises were still forming. And the echo of ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr...

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  18. Super Bowl History: Offense or Defense?

    What does history tell us when a No. 1 scoring offense meets a No. 1 scoring defense in the Super Bowl? NFL .com's Elliot Harrison revisits all six matchups . Editor's note: Specific NFL...

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  19. How Brock Lesnar's 2003 WWE Royal Rumble Win Cemented Status as Megastar

    In a time of transition, WWE fitted a crown on Brock Lesnar 's head at Royal Rumble 2003 to signal his reign over the kingdom. The Next Big Thing's victory that January night is a reminder of the power of a Rumble win...

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  20. Scout Throwback: LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay in High School

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  21. Vegas Bettor Bet on Packers 8 Weeks Ago, Letting It Ride for over $76,000

    What began as a $300 bet over two months ago could turn into a major payday for one Las Vegas gambler. The gambler decided to let it ride each week as the Green Bay Packers continued ...

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  22. Donny Anderson Reflects on His Contribution to Super Bowl II: 50 Rings | 50 Days

    For a week leading up to Super Bowl II, speculation that legendary coach Vince Lombardi was set for retirement surrounded the game. The Packers made sure to send him out on top...

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  23. Top 5 Chargers Moments in San Diego

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  24. Taylor Gabriel's Long Road from Grieving Teen to Falcons X-Factor

    ATLANTA — Nobody recognizes Taylor Gabriel here in his new city. The acrobatic catches off an invisible trampoline. The zero-to-60-in-a-blink acceleration. The piles of twisted ankles left in his dust...

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  25. 15-Year-Old Fran Belibi Slams 1st Dunk Ever in CO HS Girls B-Ball History

    Regis Jesuit High School sophomore Fran Belibi made history in her state Friday night. At 15 years old, she delivered the first-ever dunk in Colorado high school girls basketball...

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