1. DT snaps for Bucs vs. Colts: Gerald McCoy 49 of 74 snaps, Akeem Spence 47, Henry Melton 41 (7 at DE),Tony McDaniel 18 ...

  2. DE snaps for Bucs vs Colts: Will Gholston 54 of 74 snaps, Jacquies Smith (hamstring) 48, Howard Jones 34, Josh Shirley 5. (Melton some @ DE)

  3. Hasselbeck throws incomplete after feeling pressure from Melton and Gholston. 3rd and 10 now for Indianapolis.

  4. Jacquies Smith and Henry Melton colliding helmet to helmet. Melton getting looked at by training staff. Is walking off on his own.

  5. Henry Melton down after a head-to-head collision with Jacquies Smith. He's able to walk off under his own power.

  6. Henry Melton was down for a moment and just walked off the field. #Bucs

  7. Neutral zone infraction on Melton, so now third and 4 for Colts ...

  8. Looks like Bucs open this second defensive possession with Melton at end ...

  9. Third and 10 for Colts at Bucs' 31. Tampa Bay already subbing in Melton for McCoy and Jones for Smith on opening drive ...

  10. Only two Bucs DEs (Johnson/English) had tackles Monday -- Melton, Sidbury, Young and Delaire had combined 65 snaps with zero tackles.

  11. Bucs' DE snaps Monday vs. Bengals: Sidbury 25, English 23, GJohnson 15, Young 15, Delaire 14, Melton 11. Johnson had 1.5 sacks, English 1.

  12. Smith said Melton can play inside and outside but will probably move back inside when they get players back from injury

  13. Henry Melton starting in place of Jacquies Smith at DE for Bucs.

  14. Melton applying great pressure

  15. Defense with nice three-and-out. Melton with inside stunt to get pressure on McCown. Alexander on blitz as well.

  16. #Bucs DL Henry Melton and Gerald McCoy were both held – no call.

  17. Just think about the bigger problems the Bucs DL would be in if it weren't for Johnson and Melton.

  18. DC Leslie Frazier says the Bucs will see as they go how much DT Henry Melton will play at end. Melton has done well there.

  19. Bucs DC Leslie Frazier lauds Henry Melton at DE. https://t.co/b3BESWztRQ

  20. Tim Jennings reunites with Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay. Also Henry Melton and Chris Conte, among others.

  21. REALLY big on Melton this year. I think he'll outperform the rest of the line. https://t.co/mP3G09vFHf

  22. SACK! @Geraldini93 and @HenMel get through the #Saints line for the sack on third down! #TBvsNO http://t.co/sdErDQ1mjT


  24. #Saints fumble and @HenMel recovers the ball! Chris Conte knocked the ball away from Mark Ingram.

  25. Forget the hit Conte laid, did you guys see Melton rumbling after he got up?!

  26. Melton fell on the ball right at the edge of the field/near the sideline. Play is under review, but it was ruled #Bucs ball on the play...

  27. The ruling on the field is confirmed. Henry Melton is ecstatic on the sideline. #Bucs ball.

  28. Henry Melton making a play

  29. Henry Melton showing up all over the field today.

  30. Now Henry Melton gets a sack for a loss of one as Mallett tried to scramble.

  31. #SACK! @HenMel brings down Mallett. #TBvsHOU http://t.co/OHG0vdMZ8S

  32. Get Henry Melton in there!!

  33. Bucs have Henry Melton, a former Pro Bowler who can play 3-tech (key fumble recovery last week). Clinton McDonald also can slide over there.

  34. Clinton McDonald played 61 snaps on defense (66%), Henry Melton 38 (41%), Tony McDaniel 33 (35%). Will Gholston 50 (54%)... #Bucs

  35. Happy Birthday to #Bucs DT @HenMel!

  36. Pewter Report's Scott Reynolds lost a bet w/ @Geraldini93 who lost a bet with @HenMel #sooners #wildcats #Longhorns https://t.co/Tams106v5K

  37. CURRENTLY playing better, as in the last three games in which McCoy has 4 tackles. Didn't say Melton's more talented https://t.co/R2zUZS3TqH

  38. DT snaps for Bucs vs. Eagles: Gerald McCoy 57 of 71 snaps; Henry Melton 33, Akeem Spence 32, Tony McDaniel 7. Gholston played some DT too.

  39. I think people are confusing getting checked by another OL post-snap as a double team. Happened with Melton too. https://t.co/RTjTiwMBPr