1. Madden NFL 16 Player Ratings: Top 5 Safeties Revealed

  2. Harrison Smith on 2-2: "Average.We have a lot of guys that want to win. As long as we build and get better, there’s a lot of football left."

  3. Harrison Smith ...Best safety in the NFL.... INT baby!

  4. Peyton Manning overthrow to Demaryius Thomas results in a Harrison Smith interception. #Vikings have a chance to take the lead.

  5. Just when Mike Zimmer was saying this week (in a not-bad way) that Harrison Smith doesn't get interceptions.

  6. Remember when I said Harrison Smith might be the NFL's best safety? I shouldn't have said "might." I'm sorry. #Vikings

  7. Ok, then. Harrison Smith INT. #Vikings ball at the MN 47.

  8. Knoxville native Harrison Smith with first INT of season against former hometown hero

  9. Terrible pass by Manning picked by Harrison Smith. Vikings in business , down 20-17 with 9:07 to play.

  10. Demaryius Thomas going back to the locker room after that hit by Harrison Smith. See how that affects Denver's offense. #Vikings

  11. Harrison Smith playing like the NFL's best safety. Which, you know...he might be.

  12. Broncos three-and-out after Harrison Smith puts a lick on Demaryius Thomas, who nearly fumbled. #Vikings ball.

  13. Harrison Smith laying some wood!

  14. The #Broncos' #Manning vs. @Vikings safety Harrison Smith. 1 of 5 key #MINvsDEN matchups http://t.co/3CLFBYuCax http://t.co/1UxYM4q6pn

  15. Peyton Manning on #Vikings safety Harrison Smith: "QB of the defense, kind of gets them lined up...they give him a lot of responsibility."

  16. Harrison Smith and Adrian Peterson are less than 1% apart in this week's voting: http://t.co/mDxsHeE4Ib

  17. Harrison Smith and Adrian Peterson are practically tied in this week's voting. Help us out! http://t.co/mDxsHeE4Ib