1. #Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley: "You need to be able to run the ball in the redzone" https://t.co/D1fAMADvWB https://t.co/b1Dz3gM1QZ

  2. Philip Rivers has a history of torching #Jaguars; Gus Bradley calls him 'phenomenal' https://t.co/X4ts9vXPW4

  3. “We knew we’d play a division game sometime. It just happens to be next year.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on Colts game in London

  4. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley says he’s not sure of timetable for injury rehab for Sen’Derrick Marks and James Sample.

  5. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley talks about route running as one of the biggest strengths for WR Bryan Walters. Helps on third down conversions.

  6. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley says Roy Miller is fine even though he didn’t practice today.

  7. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on live now: https://t.co/ZSwSeODeLs https://t.co/ZDC7PsXvCm

  8. “It takes 7.7 hours of football play to burn 4,500 calories.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on advice he gave to players for Thanksgiving

  9. Gus started presser 18 minutes after game. He was still in shock.

  10. Methinks Gus ain't giving the win back.

  11. The Gus Bus got it going postgame. #Jaguars https://t.co/QtF2ho5iXH

  12. Jags hold on. As someone said, a wins a win and they needed that win tonight. Good for Gus

  13. Game tonight was first time in Gus Era that #Jaguars opponent didn't run a play in red zone.

  14. Sunday #Jaguars Insider: Gus'll be watching, Skuta toughs it out, first win when minus-turnover, etc. https://t.co/EpivTssbYD

  15. #Jaguars Insider: Gus'll be watching, Skuta toughs it out, first win when minus-turnover, etc. https://t.co/EpivTssbYD

  16. If you want a good @Jaguars follow @tremor29 is the best fan I know. He told me today that tonight is a big night for Gus. He needs this.

  17. #Jaguars installed as 3 1/2-point favorite over Chargers. .. Only fourth time in Gus Era (43 games), third time this year (Hou/Tenn).

  18. That’s #Jaguars Head Coach And Undefeated On Thursday Night Football Gus Bradley to you, America. https://t.co/B8yK4IvSEG

  19. Jaguars HC Gus Bradley said he likes blitz balance/mix in recent weeks. Gave up some runs Thursday when brought pressure, but got big plays.

  20. CB Davon House has become a better tackler, coach Gus Bradley says. Has forced 3 TOs last two games for #Jaguars

  21. Gus Bradley says #Jaguars' resiliency in winning late 3 of last 4 games helping team become more poised; part of learning how to win process

  22. Blake Bortles says the Jaguars making big plays late in last several games is a sign of the culture Gus Bradley... https://t.co/LgCQoajE3h

  23. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley is LIVE at the podium: https://t.co/Eb0uwwOvzx

  24. "It’s an awesome feeling. I know the guys are elated in the locker room. It’s a great win.” -- Jaguars HC Gus Bradley

  25. When Gus Bradley won't go for it on 4th-and-short near the goal line but the Jaguars are still winning. https://t.co/HOuDBFOVCT

  26. #Eagles were ready to hire Gus Bradley until Chip Kelly changed mind. Different situations obviously, but one is 10-31 since; other 24-17.

  27. Jaguars know winning is key to protecting ‘special’ culture under coach Gus Bradley: https://t.co/ydf8JDutXM https://t.co/HC5Dt43rpy

  28. “With [Gus Bradley] young as a coach, you’re gonna see him handle late-game situations better as he goes.” — @MoveTheSticks on #JaguarsToday

  29. Just on conf call with #Jaguars Gus Bradley. His team is just 3-6, but he is always very media friendly. Other coaches could learn from this

  30. Gus Bradley said ending of #Jaguars win over #Ravens that he had never been associated with a finish quite like that.

  31. #Jaguars coach Gus Bradley says Blake Bortles has become more involved. Says he is strong leader & is growing. Made strides, has ways to go

  32. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley: "Sen'Derrick Marks is going on injured reserve" https://t.co/Aa1inqrru4 https://t.co/Xnn7Vv69my

  33. “We knew he had to go get [his injury] looked at. He did and now he’s back at practice.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on WR Allen Hurns

  34. Gus Bradley on the NFL's statement that Jaguars should have been called for false start at end of Ravens game:... https://t.co/cEDiqEdnzZ

  35. Jaguars coach Gus Bradley says DT Sen'Derrick Marks will go on IR with torn triceps. https://t.co/4OHVf3h4nE

  36. Sen'Derrick Marks going on IR, per Gus Bradley. #Jaguars

  37. “[Sen’Derrick Marks] is going on IR.” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley

  38. Injury update in Jax: Jags WR Allen Hurns was a full participant in practice today. And Gus Bradley says Sen'Derrick Marks will go to IR.

  39. #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley speaking to the media now. https://t.co/15yuVr91ky https://t.co/x9bxksQ0PT