2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Class 1st Since 1999 with 3 1st-Ballot Inductees

By Bleacher Report Milestones (Photo: Mike Groll/Associated Press)

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    MLB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Preview

    by Nate Loop

    Once a year, tiny Cooperstown, New York becomes the most important sports town in America. The transformation occurs when baseball's year class of historic greats is ceremoniously ... Read More »

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    Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz Trio a Rarity

    by Zachary D. Rymer

    Baseball generally doesn't do one-of-a-kinds. Babe Ruth was one of a kind until Hank Aaron arrived. Same goes for Willie Mays until Ken Griffey Jr. And Sandy Koufax until Clayton Kershaw... Read More »

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    No Logo HOF Plaque May Increase

    by Jacob Kornhauser

    A popular story from this past week is that first-ballot Hall of Famer Greg Maddux will not be enshrined in Cooperstown as a Cub or a Brave; he will have no logo on his plaque... Read More »

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    Maddux Not Entering HOF as Brave

    by Gabe Zaldivar

    Before you get too heated in your debate as to whether Greg Maddux should don the Atlanta Braves cap for his Hall of Fame plaque or that of the Chicago Cubs, we should inform you that it will be ne... Read More »

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    Smoltz Still Mad About Ad Snub

    by Gabe Zaldivar

    They are on the Mount Rushmore of 1990s Atlanta Braves pitching, but only one of them was left out off that super cool commercial we all enjoyed nearly 20 years ago... Read More »