1. Final 7-Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft for the Green Bay Packers

    We are now just one day away from the start of the 2015 NFL draft, as the first round will commence on Thursday night in Chicago...

    Bob Fox Written by Bob Fox about 29 days ago 27,656 reads 116 comments

  2. Homegrown Talent Numbers Reflect Draft Weekend Importance for Packers

    Perhaps the biggest surprise in Kevin Seifert's piece that detailed the number of players who remain with the team that drafted them was that the Green Bay Packers weren't at the top of the list...

    Zachary Petersel Written by Zachary Petersel about 30 days ago 2,088 reads 0 comments

  3. Packers Must Sort Through Red Flags at ILB Position in 2015 NFL Draft

    Finding answers at inside linebacker—the Green Bay Packers ' biggest positional need coming into the 2015 NFL draft—has required general manager Ted Thompson and his ...

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  4. Mock Draft: Explaining the Jalen Collins Pick to Green Bay Packers

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  5. Green Bay Packers NFL Draft: Who Will Be Available for Ted Thompson's Picks?

    The NFL Draft is right around the corner and the only thing we definitively know about whom GM Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers pick at #30 is that we will not know for sure until after the pick is turned in...

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  6. Realistic Draft Trade Possibilities for the Green Bay Packers

    In the first four rounds of the 2015 NFL draft, there are already 11 draft picks that have changed hands from their original teams. By the end of Day 2, that number should be more than doubled...

    Justis Mosqueda Written by Justis Mosqueda about 1 month ago 18,740 reads 63 comments

  7. Green Bay Packers Mock Draft Roundup

    The most recent mock draft predictions for the Green Bay Packers ' 30th overall pick are all over the board...

    Michelle Bruton Written by Michelle Bruton about 1 month ago 15,849 reads 53 comments