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B/R Wrestling Section Competition: The Best International Star

By Joe Burgett

After coming up with the last competition which had the B/R Wrestling Section come up with who made the biggest impact on wrestling, I had to think of what I could come up with next...


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Top 5 Wrestlers Of All Time (IMO)

by Svyato Rovenchuk

Hello everyone, this is Svyato. I have noticed that it has become a trend that people are making lists with their top 10 or top 100 or top 5 wrestlers of all time or whatever. Well it's my turn...


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The Riddler Report: WWE: Update on Shawn Michael Retirement (Report)

by Delete this account

Welcome readers to another edition of The Riddler Report starring your favorite Gotham Villain The Riddler Today's Segment: The Riddler reports on.... Shawn Michaels Retirement As I reported a week ago (you can see it here) http://bleacherreport...