1. Patrick Reed Taunts Crowd After Gallery Mocks Him at 2014 Ryder Cup

    After a fan shouted "Did you practice your putting, Patrick?" on the first tee, Patrick Reed wanted to show that he had, indeed, practiced his putting...

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  2. Ryder Cup 2014: Live Look at Singles Scoring and Updated Standings

    The domination isn't quite as great as the first two days, but it appears it's only a matter of time before Europe closes out its third straight Ryder Cup championship...

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  3. Rory, McDowell Win as Europe Closes on Title

    GLENEAGLES, Scotland -- Rory McIlroy delivered the first point of the day in dominant fashion on Sunday and Graeme McDowell won the second with a big comeback as Europe closed in on another Ryder Cup victory...

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  4. Rory McIlroy vs. Rickie Fowler: Recap, Twitter Reaction from 2014 Ryder Cup

    Sunday’s action at the 2014 Ryder Cup featured 12 one-on-one match-play events, and the most anticipated for many was Rory McIlroy representing Team Europe squaring off against Rickie Fowler of Team USA...

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  5. Watch: Reed Taunts Euro Crowd After Putt

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  6. Patrick Reed Shushes the Crowd at Gleneagles

    Patrick Reed answers Henrik Stenson's birdie putt on hole 7 and tries to put the shush on the European fans...

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  7. Ryder Cup 2014: Live Updates for Day 3 Scoring and Standings

    When Europe won the 2012 Ryder Cup after a dramatic comeback at Medinah , the United States were leading 10-6 going into the final day...

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  8. Ryder Cup 2014 Standings: Real-Time Updates for Singles Competition

    It's been a rough two days for the underdog United States team in the 2014 Ryder Cup . Captain Tom Watson's decision making was questioned several times en route to Europe's 10-6 lead heading into Day 3 of the biennial tournament...

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  9. Ryder Cup 2014 Standings: Final Predictions After Fourball and Foursomes Results

    A dominant Saturday afternoon session gave Europe a 10-6 lead over the United States going into the final day at the Ryder Cup...

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  10. Ryder Cup 2014: How to View Live Scores, Points and Standings Updates on Day 3

    One of the great, unsung parts of any Ryder Cup is how the final day truly resembles team sports that we love and appreciate. The whole weekend is built around pairings and the United States vs...

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  11. Ryder Cup Schedule 2014: Day 3 Tee Times, TV Coverage, Live Stream and Picks

    The 2014 Ryder Cup will draw to a climactic ending on Sunday, where the time will come for all players to fend for themselves in the singles competition...

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  12. Ryder Cup 2014 Scores: Day 3 Live Standings, Results and Highlights

    From wire to wire, it was a dominant weekend for the European team at the 40th Ryder Cup in Gleneagles, Scotland. Europe took an early lead in the points race on Day 1 and never looked back, eventually capturing the title by a final score of 16...

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  13. Ryder Cup Pairings 2014: Analyzing Day 3's Biggest Singles Battles at Gleneagles

    Maybe by the time the 2016 Ryder Cup rolls around, the United States will have annexed all of Great Britain. That way the U.S. can finally win again...

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  14. 2014 Ryder Cup Results: Latest Scores and Analysis from Gleneagles

    Heading into the final day of the 2014 Ryder Cup , Team USA has a difficult task in front of it. Trailing 10-6 to a talented and clearly motivated European squad, it will be tough to make up the deficit...

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  15. Wojciechowski: Team USA Still Has Glimmer of Hope

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  16. Justin Rose Halts U.S. Momentum on Second Day of Ryder Cup

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  17. Jordan Spieth Stays Undefeated Even as Ryder Cup Pressure Grows

    Nothing was going right late for the U.S. team of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed in their Saturday afternoon foursomes match...

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  18. Notebook: McGinley's Motivational Messages Key to Team Europe's Success

    On the verge of victory, Europe captain Paul McGinley began to reveal some of the inspirational messages his team has been hearing -- and reading -- all week in their room at Gleneagles...

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  19. Mickelson Lobbied Watson to Play, Was Denied

    For the first time in 10 Ryder Cup appearances, Phil Mickelson did not play during a full day of competition...

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  20. Meticulous Paul McGinley Puts Dominant Europe on Verge of 2014 Ryder Cup Rout

    GLENEAGLES , Scotland—Europe knows how to overcome a 10-6 deficit going into the final day of a Ryder Cup, so logic would suggest that they also have an idea about how to avoid throwing such a lead away...

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  21. Ryder Cup 2014 Results: Updated Standings and Predictions After Day 2 Foursomes

    After the first two days of the 2014 Ryder Cup , the Europeans hold a commanding 10-6 lead. The champions will be crowned tomorrow after 12 singles matches. The Europeans extended their lead after a huge afternoon session in foursomes...

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  22. Ryder Cup 2014: Predictions for Every Head-to-Head Match at Gleneagles

    The United States enters the final round of the Ryder Cup 2014 in the same position the European team entered the 2012 Ryder Cup: trailing 10-6. A disappointing afternoon session saw saw Tom Watson's side lose 3...

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  23. Team USA Giving Captain Tom Watson a Dismal Farewell at 2014 Ryder Cup

    GLENEAGLES, Scotland — This was going to be an exclamation point on Tom Watson’s great career, a final glorious farewell for a man appropriately in a land where much of his golfing reputation was established...

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  24. Ryder Cup 2014 Results: Updated Standings and Predictions After Day 2 Fourball

    The 2014 Ryder Cup is showing the stark contrast between the talent in Europe and the United States. After another impressive performance in the afternoon session on Day 2, the European squad is just four points from retaining the championship and 4..

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  25. Ryder Cup 2014: Grades for Top Stars After Day 2 at Gleaneagles

    Day 2 of the 2014 Ryder Cup is in the books. The results to this point have validated the worst fears of the United States team and made the hopes of the European team come true...

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