1. "Golden Tate https://t.co/xJAz1HtrRH was too much to accept in #Eagles Turkey Day loss" https://t.co/OToZ6PLfKz

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  10. Golden Tate

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  12. Golden Tate with seven catches already. His season high is eight.

  13. Golden Tate takes leisurely stroll into Eagles' end zone https://t.co/YkbdwxA3fc https://t.co/6mQyUgM5tc

  14. Tate Tweets His Reaction to News: 


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  17. Byron Maxwell trash talking Golden Tate, his former Seahawks teammate. Seriously.

  18. Hmm, might want to cover Golden Tate on third down and short since he keeps beating you on short yardage. #Eagles

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  22. VIDEO: Lions' Golden Tate takes a nice leisurely stroll into the end zone. https://t.co/qkBLsPN0Dn https://t.co/SSU7QfJQmP

  23. A rare drop for Golden Tate on third down, forcing Lions to settle for a FG try.

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  28. Golden Tate lines up at fullback. Makes the catch. Literally walks into end zone. Walks. #PHIvsDET https://t.co/z1prdJHVuF

  29. Watch Golden Tate celebrate the touchdown from the end zone #PHIvsDET https://t.co/4aZuS7Vcrl

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  32. Stafford to Golden Tate puts the Lions back on top. 7:53 to go in first half. https://t.co/PR4qP8kAXi

  33. Golden Tate LITERALLY walked into the end zone... https://t.co/n2LvA3JF9g

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  36. Golden Tate told Walter Thurmond now you have me, now you don't.

  37. Golden Tate rubbing it in with 'mwahhh' kiss celebration. Literally waked into end zone after deking Walt Thurmond. #Lions 14, #Eagles 7.

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  40. Golden Tate lines up in the backfield, slips out wide open, missed tackle, TD. This Eagles defense is a mess.

  41. Golden Tate lines up at fullback, walks into the end zone. That's a cool play.

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  44. Golden Tate WALKS in for 6! No catch ruling needed on that one. 14-7, Lions. #PHIvsDET

  45. Golden Tate walks it in. Lions take 14-7 lead midway through 2nd quarter after Matthew Stafford marches his team down the field vs Eagles.

  46. Frustrated Tate: 'All I Can Do Is Run Plays That Are Called'

  47. Tate Appreciated SEA Welcome, Isn't Taking Loss Well

  48. Stafford TD pass to Golden Tate. That's his second TD this season. #Lions lead 14-7 with 7:53 left in 2nd Q.

  49. Golden Tate was sure to *walk* into the end zone after shaking that tackle attempt.

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  51. Tate: I Wasn't Throwing OC Lombardi Under the Bus

  52. Nice play call by the Lions. They lined up Golden Tate in the backfield. Walter Thurmond overpursued on the quick pass. 14-7, Lions.

  53. Golden Tate just walked into the end zone, literally, after stopping on a dime to get the DB to run by him

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  56. Golden Tate just walked into the end zone. That's not hyperbole. He literally walked.

  57. Golden Tate with a TD catch on a cool play design. He motioned into the FB spot.

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  60. Golden Tate walks it out.

  61. Matt Stafford goes right at Eric Rowe and hits Golden Tate for 10 yards and a first down.

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  64. Stafford immediately targets Rowe on a 10-yard completion to Golden Tate. #Eagles

  65. Stafford entered game ranked dead last in third down passing (50.8). Converted that 3rd and 3 easily to Golden Tate.

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