Report: Suns Discussing Trades for Green

By Tim Keeney (Photo: Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

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    Latest NBA Rumors, Buzz

    by Scott Polacek

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    Gerald Green Can't Contain Himself

    by Kyle Newport

    Phoenix Suns guard Gerald Green knows a good thing when he sees it. As the Suns closed out a 112-106 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center on Tuesday night, one female fan ca... Read More »

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    Will Green Be Odd Man for Suns This Year?

    by Sam Cooper

    When the Suns traded Luis Scola in the summer of 2013, many thought that they were mostly interested in the future first-round pick they acquired from the Indiana Pacers (a pick that was recent... Read More »

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    Stephenson Would Be Good Pickup for Suns

    by Mike Martinez

    NBA rumors keep coming in—with the news of LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and Carmelo Anthony’s decision to stay on at the Knicks , the 2014 offseason has been one of the most exciti... Read More »

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    Green's Nasty Off-the-Wall Windmill

    by Kyle Newport

    Gerald Green has been in his fair share of NBA dunk contests—including a win in 2007—and it looks like the 28-year-old can still throw down some slick dunks... Read More »