1. Tomorrow's roster adds RHP Shawn Armstrong (recall AAA) RHP Gavin Floyd (DL act.) INF Chris Johnson (DL act.)

  2. Indians will activate Chris Johnson and Gavin Floyd on Tuesday.

  3. Happy to see Gavin Floyd with the team after recovering from an elbow injury. More on him: http://t.co/XqFBzEYqTO http://t.co/1JZJzWDetw

  4. Indians make moves offcial: RHP Shawn Armstrong recalled from AAA, Gavin Floyd, Chris Johnson activated from DL.

  5. Gavin Floyd will make his Tribe debut in the seventh -- against Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion.

  6. Gavin Floyd worked a scoreless inning in his first action since last June. WATCH >> http://t.co/mf5HrX0XNp http://t.co/Kyln25ZYUY

  7. Gavin Floyd on pitching in first big-league game in over a year: "It's awesome." http://t.co/HFecOKIR6J

  8. Given that his 'long-term goals have been easily taken away' in recent years, Gavin Floyd focusing on present: http://t.co/6FTNh1kltm via

  9. Gavin Floyd signs for fans during the delay. http://t.co/UaqHtsRlEV

  10. Thanks again to Gavin Floyd & Abraham Almonte who each spent a ton of time signing for fans tonight during the delay. http://t.co/qCggrfYbZ7

  11. Gavin Floyd and @SArmstrong90 sign for some fans during stretch today! http://t.co/pfbzmfddPw

  12. Gavin Floyd with a #whiff to end the inning. Tigers lead it 9-2. #TribeLive

  13. Gavin Floyd with an impressive sixth, including two #whiff. 6-3 Royals headed to the bottom half. #TribeSocial https://t.co/BZTXTEr18y

  14. Gavin Floyd works a scoreless sixth. Need a rally: Twins maintain 4-0 lead headed to the seventh.

  15. Another scoreless inning from Gavin Floyd, helped by another great Big Lon catch.  Now all we need is a five-run homer. Let's do it.

  16. Gavin Floyd enters the game in the 5th inning. Score: 5-0, Twins #TribeLive

  17. Gavin Floyd out for his 3rd inning of work. He's tossed two scoreless thus far! #TribeLive

  18. Indians Mike Aviles, Ryan Webb, Gavin Floyd file for free agency. They are among 139 players to file today.

  19. Three Indians file for free agency -- Mike Aviles, Ryan Webb, Gavin Floyd. https://t.co/SCq7WPDQ69