1. Injury Update: Gary Neal (strained left groin) out for #WizRaptors tonight

  2. For Gary Neal, Towson was home of his rebirth: http://t.co/meDt3QSzJt #Wizards

  3. “To me, that’s where it really started because that was kind of the rebirth of Gary Neal, the basketball player.” http://t.co/VDGcfKQg8m

  4. Out of Bounds - Gary Neal provides motivational words for his alma mater @Towson_MBB (VIDEO) http://t.co/uwt7PnWpaI http://t.co/jnGXbdL69G

  5. #Wizards fans, RT and welcome newcomer Gary Neal a happy birthday! #dcRising http://t.co/hVt3H90JjT

  6. Offseason acquisition Gary Neal is now on the court alongside Gooden, Nene, Porter and Sessions. #WizardsTalk

  7. Gary Neal likes to shoot.

  8. Who will be the Wizards' most dependable player off the bench this season? @AJenks24 says it will be Gary Neal. http://t.co/wKYxe04oXu

  9. Gary Neal from wayyy outside! That's 5 straight from G Neal and 13 in the game! #Wizards up 100-98, 3:26 left #WizHeat

  10. Ok. I take that back. Gary Neal now with double-figures after deep 3 ball. Wizards up 100-98. Neal with 13 points

  11. GARY NEAL SIGHTING. As a Towson alum, this makes me very happy

  12. Gary Neal takes back the lead! He's now 3-for-4 in nine minutes.

  13. Gary Neal on bonding at a Bond screening, & tonight's #WizBucks tilt in Milwaukee (VIDEO): https://t.co/CnGyjfobjZ https://t.co/uJTukoTR3C

  14. Buck on Gary Neal in Milwaukee: "He's got his own cheering section, but it's not very positive."

  15. N3AL! Gary Neal nails a three and the #Wizards cut the #Bucks lead to 22-13 with just over 4 min. left in the 1st. #WizardsTalk

  16. Gary Neal just set up Bradley Beal for a three. That's right: Gary 2 Brad.

  17. Gary Neal continues to give credence to the idea that guys from Maryland play better when they join the Wizards.

  18. Gary Neal in the Old/New Year — A #Wizards Preview Series, via @BFrantz202: https://t.co/yiGm0qHTv6 https://t.co/VWdshf6VkN

  19. gary neal counters rasual butler's jumper, spurs leading wizards 70-64.

  20. WATCH: Gary Neal joins SportsTalk Live https://t.co/4QtZJfv41E #WizardsTalk https://t.co/CMa0xa0JK3

  21. They just got Gary Neal for the smallest pushoff. Missed Baze on the other end with the same move off the ball.

  22. Gary Neal snaps the net from three to put the Wiz back up one.

  23. Gary Neal hits the three and cuts the Hawks' lead back to 1. 86-85.

  24. Gary Neal sleeps for one second and gets beat backdoor by Sefolosha

  25. Bradley Beal (shoulder) won't play tonight against the Thunder, the Wizards announce. Gary Neal will start in his place.

  26. Let's try again: Gary Neal is starting for Bradley Beal tonight. Lineup: Wall, Neal, Porter, Humphries, Gortat.

  27. We'll be seeing a lot of Gary Neal tonight. Wizards were already lacking some wing depth with Anderson out. Losing Beal stinks.

  28. Gary Neal getting his first start as a Wizard! #WizThunder https://t.co/OhjPYtqwW6

  29. Instantly, Gary Neal closes out hard at Andre Roberson. Something you should never do.

  30. Tough bucket from Gary Neal. Cuts OKC's lead back down to 10. 45-35.

  31. Gary Neal really took a pull up jumper on a 2-on-1 fastbreak.

  32. Hear from Gary Neal just before #WizMagic tip on the role he'll play with Beal out (VIDEO): https://t.co/ev0bg7ADVk https://t.co/iGqp2yELU4

  33. The Wizards will start Garrett Temple in place of the injured Bradley Beal. Gary Neal will come off the bench #WizardsTalk #WizMagic

  34. Gary Neal with another DC3 off a Nene screen. Wiz by 22.