1. #TBT Thankful for @jonryan9's leg AND arm AND @Garry_Gilliam's hands AND coach Tom Cable. [https://t.co/3Y4VObt1hU] https://t.co/krV3sqX5uk

  2. #Seahawks Insider: Baldwin, Sweezy, Gilliam back to practice; Richard Sherman's big Thanksgiving: son now has teeth https://t.co/Ky7CKNxqqw

  3. Happy b day to @Garry_Gilliam everyone show him some love 

  4. Even though he not following me Happy Birthday to @Garry_Gilliam 

  5. About to leave the facility almost forgot Happy Birthday big dog. @Garry_Gilliam

  6. Most notable --- Rawls back to full participation after being limited Wednesday, and Gilliam, Sweezy, Baldwin also full participants.

  7. #Seahawks have a trio of Thanksgiving birthdays today: Jon Ryan, Garry Gilliam and Tom Cable https://t.co/YFb5bZUFD4

  8. #TBT Thankful for Jon Ryan's right leg AND right arm AND Garry Gilliam's multi-talented hands AND coach, Tom Cable.

  9. #Seahawks practice report for Wednesday. Gilliam, Sweezy, Baldwin among DNPs. Rawls limited. https://t.co/KjZyRyA0XV

  10. Seahawks practice report: Lynch OUT; Irvin, Richardson, Gilliam, Sweezy, Baldwin DNP; Rawls LIMITED; Lewis FULL.

  11. This was a curious call against #Seahawks RT Garry Gilliam. https://t.co/MZL7xMPwOM

  12. Carroll says DE Frank Clark has a chance to be back this week. WR Tyler Lockett (hip) and T Garry Gilliam (ankle) are new injuries.

  13. Garry Gilliam, Patrick Lewis and Cliff Avril are among 8 Seahawks listed as DNP today, but participation is estimated as it was a walk-thru.

  14. Says they wanted to rotate at RT due to Gilliam's ankle injury.

  15. The Huddle: How did playing tight end help @Garry_Gilliam's adjustment to Tackle? AUDIO [https://t.co/PWDugpTB0E] #SEAvsDAL

  16. "Dig in, lock in, and paying attention to detail. That's all it ever was". - @Garry_Gilliam AUDIO [https://t.co/mft2cMoMW8] #SEAvsDAL

  17. "We know the potential each player has. It’s just a matter of doing it consistently"- T @Garry_Gilliam [https://t.co/nkSzpXXcgF] #AZvsSEA

  18. Garry Gilliam was down for a moment after last play. Looks OK now.

  19. Leg whip? Looked more like a missed cut block and then laying there motionless for Garry Gilliam.

  20. It would take a lot for me to defend anything about Seattle's offensive line, but that leg whip call on Gilliam was an absolute joke.

  21. The 6yd foul on Gilliam is just more yards for Thomas Rawls to run for #Seahawks 1st down. 20 yds. Rawls 10 carries, 58 yards 16:30 in

  22. Drink for the leg whip called on Garry Gilliam.

  23. Garry Gilliam flagged for a leg whip.

  24. Gilliam called for the leg whip, which I believe is the second leg whip called on a Seahawks offense this year. #SFvsSEA

  25. 1st foul on offensive line is Garry Gilliam for a personal-foul leg whip on a 49er. OL had 4 fouls by now last weekend. #Seahawks

  26. So flag that torpedoed 1st #Seahawks' drive should been announced as on TE, not RT Gilliam. https://t.co/I5KBdaGXnd

  27. Gilliam 15-yard penalty for facemask on first down. Seattle back to the 28.

  28. Replay shows Garry Gilliam never grabbed Cardinal face mask. Either had to be someone else or blown call. Referee Clete Blakeman threw flag

  29. #Seahawks' 1st play is their first run, by Marshawn Lynch--but RT Garry Gilliam gets flagged 15yds for face mask. 1st & 25.

  30. Tom Cable, Doug Baldwin, Garry Gilliam, Fred Jackson and others on the airwaves https://t.co/KkCBLUbxiu https://t.co/07unoq4WX5

  31. #Seahawks offensive linemen incl RT Garry Gilliam yelling "No sacks" as we entered locker room after 13-12 win at DAL.

  32. 3rd & 5, DAL 8, Russell Wilson forced to scramble as RT Gilliam beaten. Throw incomplete in end zone as Baldwin falls down. Hauschka FG 3-0

  33. First O-line group for @seahawks in warmups: LT bailey, LG Britt, C Nowak, RG Sweezy, RT Gilliam

  34. Alvin Bailey would be the leading candidate to start if Okung is out. Seahawks could move Garry Gilliam to LT and insert Bailey at RT.

  35. Garry Gilliam sang an Imagine Dragons song to explain why the Seahawks are "going back to their roots" on offense: https://t.co/uoONL7cTWo

  36. I thoroughly enjoy mocking. It got me in a lot of trouble in grades 3-12. (Sorry, Mrs. Gilliam) https://t.co/EisHPqU6Kf

  37. Carroll said that Alvin Bailey playing RT was by design, wanted to give him some snaps with Garry Gilliam nursing an ankle injury.