1. Received this saying the admin @FrenchToffees died in the paris attack on 13th November #Tribute4FrenchToffees https://t.co/fScaVSH3SN

  2. Ranking City's Top Summer Transfers of Past Decade

  3. #selfie before the storm. Ready Steady... Go #EFC stayin positive https://t.co/iECDsbrl8O

  4. Off to Bournemouth! #GodIsInControl #EFC https://t.co/xm0pcYtWyl

  5. Had some fun recording this today!! #keepingbusywhilei'minjured! ⚽️

  6. Training today ⚽️ https://t.co/EXvTliOCwI

  7. Thank boys!  https://t.co/1RqDaBBvqf

  8. Good time with Evertonians!! ⚪️ https://t.co/hcldPenntV

  9. Lets pray together may Allah spare me from any harm so that i may continue in the right path.  #HighlanderIsBack https://t.co/4ovDmDP3AD

  10. When rain comes after theres sunshine this season so far has been amazing and staying with #EFC is a best news https://t.co/E9Vhipbons

  11. Next stop on my night out in Liverpool! @deulofeu27 and Seamus

  12. Jack Grealish 'enjoyed boozy night out' following Aston Villa's Everton embarrassment https://t.co/CnHFKyQmVf https://t.co/yE2kCrM1Rr

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  24. Jack Grealish caught on camera enjoying boozy night out after Aston Villa’s loss to Everton https://t.co/F4ccbCsvNx https://t.co/5tXy6VKrs4

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  29. Everton clash with Liverpool City Council over potential stadium at Walton Hall Park https://t.co/bDNZHl5CiX https://t.co/3uoNyaWiUn

  30. https://t.co/tuRbtVrAtn - It is March, 2003. Everton are hanging by a thread (on a game of CM0102). Can they survive? (IM)

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