1. Franklin Morales is up. It is tough running a bullpen when two of your best relievers -- Madson and Herrera -- aren't available.

  2. Yost used Herrera for the seventh and Davis for the eighth. Now Franklin Morales is warming.

  3. Franklin Morales leaves with the bases loaded and none out. So here comes Greg Holland into this mess.

  4. Franklin Morales will handle the eighth.

  5. Franklin Morales will pitch the ninth.

  6. Franklin Morales moves to 4-2, while Wade Davis earns his 15th save. #ForeverRoyal

  7. Royals add one in the eighth on a Zobrist Sac Fly and lead 6-1. Franklin Morales in to pitch. Butera to first

  8. LHP Franklin Morales to pitch B8 for #Royals. #MLB #BlueJays #ALCS

  9. The Royals will entrust Franklin Morales with a 12-run lead for the ninth.

  10. Colabello-Tulowitzki-Martin due for #BlueJays in B9. LHP Franklin Morales to pitch for #Royals. #MLB #ALCS

  11. If there's another inning and #Royals go to LHP Franklin Morales, #Mets' Daniel Murphy is 1-for-3 with a triple and 2 Ks, 0 BB career.

  12. Franklin Morales coming in now.

  13. Franklin Morales for the #Royals in the sixth, Syndergaard scheduled fourth. He's at 104 pitches, likely done.

  14. Franklin Morales takes the mound in the 6th. Let’s put up a zero!

  15. What in the actual heck was Franklin Morales doing there.

  16. Oh, Franklin Morales brain fart.

  17. Franklin Morales is not in a good place right now.

  18. Next time I see somebody dancing really poorly, I'm going to call it The Franklin Morales.

  19. Now we know why the #RedSox didn’t use Franklin Morales in the ’13 World Series.

  20. Franklin Morales now has that magical World Series ERA of 108.00.

  21. Franklin Morales in World Series career: 3 1/3 innings pitched 11 runs allowed

  22. Franklin Morales with the rare 4 ER, 2 H, 0 BB line.

  23. First pitcher to give up 4 ER in under one inning in a World Series game since (uh-oh) Franklin Morales in '07 https://t.co/tnWAkd4d15

  24. So @TBrownYahoo said Franklin Morales looked like Belushi in Animal House. I found the video. He is so right. https://t.co/21bELsmX3K

  25. Franklin Morales' ERA in 3 World Series relief appearances with #Rockies and #Royals is 29.73 (rounded up).

  26. World Series 2015: Royals' Franklin Morales suffers brain lock in an inning to forget https://t.co/mz5IEFEqXL

  27. Franklin Morales has a 108.00 ERA and his brain froze. https://t.co/tdZFg9JDCy https://t.co/oiN9XjStxm

  28. Bartolo Colon tried to channel his inner Liam Hendriks, instead channeled his inner Franklin Morales.

  29. Cain was a dead duck but Bartolo Colon really Franklin Morales'd that one.