1. Explosive Ronnie Hillman Making Broncos Offense Even More Dangerous

    The Denver Broncos moved to 6-1 with a win on Thursday night over the AFC West-rival San Diego Chargers . The win came, not so unexpectedly, due to the steady and efficient presence of the Broncos offense...

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  2. Jahleel Addae Says He Had a Stringer, Not a Concussion

    San Diego Chargers safety Jahleel Addae appeared to come up woozy after a play in the fourth quarter of Thursday night's game against the Denver Broncos ...

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  3. McDonald Returns to Practice

    Rams safety T.J. McDonald didn't see "light buzzes" like Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles said he experienced after a.....

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  4. While Mason Flourishes, Stacy Disappeared

    A week ago during his regular Thursday media session, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said the Rams were going to give all their running backs some touches in the early going against...

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  5. Injured Jason Verrett Did What He Could

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  6. Did Refs Blow Fumble Call on Broncos Kickoff Return?

    With just over three minutes remaining in the second quarter of Thursday night's game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers , Broncos receiver Andre Caldwell returned ...

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  7. Rapid Reaction: Denver Broncos

    A few thoughts on the Denver Broncos ' 35-21 win Thursday over the the San Diego Chargers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High...

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  8. Why Vernon Davis Is No. 1 Key to San Francisco 49ers' Second-Half Success

    Among the multitude of personnel issues plaguing the San Francisco 49ers , the one that’s been the least documented is actually the most significant. Vernon Davis ...

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  9. San Francisco 49ers: Who to Root for in Week 8

    Are you a San Francisco 49ers fan bummed that your team is on bye this week? Do you want to know who to root for, but haven’t yet wrapped your head around the various playoff ...

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  10. Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers: Complete Week 8 Preview for Carolina

    Despite not playing good football and sporting a record of 1-1-1 during the month of October, the Carolina Panthers (3-3-1) remain in first place in the NFC South as the team welcomes the visiting Seattle Seahawks (3-3)...

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  11. Rapid Reaction: San Diego Chargers

    A few thoughts on the San Diego Chargers ' 35-21 loss to the Denver Broncos in this Week 8 contest at Sports Authority Field on Thursday night...

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  12. Eagles vs. Cardinals: Complete Week 8 Preview for Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday in a battle between two of the NFC's finest teams...

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  13. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates' Instant Fantasy Reaction After Week 8

    San Diego Chargers stars Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates ranked third at their respective positions in ESPN.com standard leagues entering Week 8's game against the Denver Broncos ...

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  14. Peyton Manning Gets Mad Trying to Quiet Broncos Fans Down

    Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning understandably likes the home crowd to be quiet so he can make play calls at the line of scrimmage...

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  15. Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Complete Week 8 Preview for the Jaguars

    In their Week 8 matchup the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) will host the Miami Dolphins (3-3) at EverBank Field...

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  16. Peyton Manning, Julius Thomas' Instant Fantasy Reaction After Week 8

    Facing one of the most prolific quarterback-tight end tandems in NFL history, Peyton Manning looked to make his own statement with Julius Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas simply wouldn't get in the game plan much against the San Diego Chargers ...

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  17. Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons: Complete Week 8 Preview for Detroit

    Set your alarm clocks Saturday night. The NFL wanted to give the Brits a real Sunday football experience, so the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons will be kicking off at 9:30 a...

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  18. Jahleel Addae: Chargers Safety Has Scary, Involuntary Reaction After Hit

    Jahleel Addae, a defensive back for the Chargers , came up to make a hit on this Broncos running play. He appeared.....

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  19. Malcom Floyd (Shoulder) Returns in 4th Qtr After Briefly Exiting

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  20. LB Barrow (Concussion) out for Rest of Game

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  21. Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots: Complete Week 8 Preview for Chicago

    Following a disappointing 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 7, the Chicago Bears will try to rebound this week when they head to New England to take on the 5-2 Patriots...

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  22. St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Complete Week 8 Preview

    The St. Louis Rams (2-4) will take on interstate-rival the Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) in an interconference regular-season matchup that occurs just once every four years...

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  23. Dissecting Most Crucial Matchups in Steelers' Week 8 Contest with Colts

    Business is about to pick up for the Pittsburgh Steelers . After facing only one team with a winning record over their first seven games, the Steelers have one of their toughest two-game stretches of the season...

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  24. Wk 8: Can't-Miss Play: Malcom in the Middle

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  25. Todd Bowles Gets Head Coach Education Retooling Cardinals Defense

    TEMPE, Ariz. — The education of Todd Bowles began before he knew it, watching film and learning how to scheme as a young Washington Redskins safety under Richie Petitbon and Emmitt Thomas in the mid-1980s...

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