1. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each Chicago Bears Rookie

    The Chicago Bears added six new players to their roster via the NFL draft in 2015, and an additional 16 players were signed as undrafted free agents...

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  2. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each Oakland Raiders Rookie

    The excitement behind the Oakland Raiders incoming rookie class can take expectations to a new level. Most fans are innately optimistic about the fresh talent with the utmost faith ...

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  3. New York Giants Players Most Likely to Be Cut Before Start of 2015 Season

    So far this offseason, you've read about all the standouts on the practice field. You've probably heard about all the rookies learning the playbook and all the veterans bouncing back from last year's injuries, as well...

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  4. Redskins WR DeSean Jackson on BET Debut: 'I'm Going to Be Me, Bro'

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  5. Mark Brunell Doesn't Think RGIII Can Succeed in the NFL

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  6. Chargers, Raiders Owners Meet with LA, Carson Officials

    San Diego and Oakland have made proposals to keep their NFL teams, but it's clear the owners of those teams remain unconvinced...

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  7. EXCLUSIVE: NFL Player C.J. Spillman Charged with Sexual Assault in Texas

    NFL free agent C.J. Spillman, accused of attacking a woman just one day after commissioner Roger Goodell vowed last year to get tough on players who commit violent crimes, was charged with sexual assault in Tarrant County, Tex...

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  8. Is the Country Club Too Exclusive for Tom Brady?

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  9. Giants Says They've “implemented a Few Programs” to Update Medical Practices

    When asked to contrast Tom Coughlin with Chip Kelly and Pete Carroll, Eagles defensive back Walter Thurmond said that all three coaches share the drive to win championships but that ...

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  10. San Francisco 49ers: Picking Top Players from the 2014 Opponents

    While the San Francisco 49ers still boast a decently talented roster after this past offseason, there’s no doubt they’ve seen a substantial talent drain. Patrick Willis , Justin Smith and Chris Borland have retired...

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  11. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each San Francisco 49ers Rookie

    What are realistic expectations for the San Francisco 49ers ’ 2015 rookie class? A pessimist might say this rookie class will be one of the NFL 's worst. The first-round pick, former Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead, is a project...

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  12. Even with Jimmy Graham Gone, Saints Tight End Josh Hill

    If Josh Hill can feel the increased glare of the spotlight turned on him this offseason, the lanky tight end hasn't offered any hints...

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  13. After 28 Years, Kelly's Still a Happy Camper

    The campers only know the camp, not the legend that helped build it into a summer staple for so many youngsters in Western New York...

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  14. Rams TE Cook Talks New QB Foles, Impact of Possible Franchise Move

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  15. Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Praises Amari Cooper

    Quarterback Derek Carr appeared on 95.7 The Game Tuesday and had high praise for his new pair of wide receivers...

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  16. What Is Wrong with Wright?

    The Bengals have big plans for James Wright. But the wide receiver's contributions so far this spring have been small, and it's not certain why...

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  17. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each New York Giants Rookie Draft Pick

    With the New York Giants facing an increased sense of urgency for the coming season, head coach Tom Coughlin is going to need every single player on the roster to contribute...

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  18. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each Detroit Lions Rookie

    Every year, fantasy footballers and fans get whipped into a frenzy about the incoming rookie class. It often leads to unreasonable expectations and overbidding in fantasy drafts. Just ask Eric Ebron...

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  19. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each Green Bay Packers Rookie

    The Green Bay Packers are one of the best teams on which first-year players could land: Not only does general manager Ted Thompson usually keep all his draft selections past final ...

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  20. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each St. Louis Rams Rookie

    The St. Louis Rams will heavily depend on rookies at several key positions on offense. Naturally, fans want to know what the expectations are for those first-year players. As a refresher, here's what St...

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  21. Young Football Player Pays Tribute to Ray Lewis by Performing Signature Dance

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis should feel honored to have a young fan who is so loyal that he has learned the former linebacker's signature dance...

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  22. Setting Realistic Expectations for Each Denver Broncos Rookie

    The Denver Broncos added nine new players to the roster through the 2015 NFL draft. Among those selections were one of the best pass-rushers in the entire draft, two offensive linemen and a quarterback...

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  23. 4 Who Might Find Themselves on Philadelphia Eagles Practice Squad in 2015

    Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles will eventually have to cut their roster down from 90 to 53 players, and there will be some difficult decisions when the time comes in September...

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  24. Bills Sign Veteran OT Wayne Hunter

    According to Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net, the Bills have signed former Jets OT Wayne Hunter to a one-year contract. .....

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  25. Watch: Colts DB Anderson Jumps Higher Than You

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