1. FIU Has Requested a Running Clock in the Third Quarter Against Louisville

    FIU coach Ron Turner may have some explaining to do. There are reports that Turner and the FIU coaching staff requested that the referees continuously run the clock after Louisville took a 51-0 lead over the Panthers in the third quarter of today's game..

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  2. FIU vs. Louisville: TV Info, Spread, Injury Updates, Game Time and More

    Louisville junior quarterback Teddy Bridgewater set out to make the Cardinals national title contenders this season. So far, he has the team off to a great start. No...

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  3. FIU’s Glenn Coleman out for the Season

    The game notes for this week's game makes it official via a check mark next to his name what had been anticipated for months — senior wide receiver Glenn Coleman, the leading returning receiver in training camp, will be inactive for the 2013 season...

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  4. FIU Junior CB Richard Leonard Ruled Ineligible for Season

    The news didn't get any better for the FIU football team Tuesday as off-the-field attrition diminishes the roster before game-and-practice attrition can do its damage...

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  5. FIU Issues the Greatest Press Release of All Time

    It's Friday afternoon and you're counting down the hours until the workday is over and you can get on with your weekend. Then, suddenly, a message pops up in your email inbox. The subject is just a generic "Statement from FIU head coach Ron Turner...

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  6. FIU's Leading Rusher Dismissed from the Team

    Florida International is making the move from the Sun Belt to Conference USA this season, but they'll be doing so without their leading rusher...

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