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'Ready to Accept the Challenge'

  1. 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder Sam Bryant Jr. Has Shockingly Youthful Physique

    When Sam "Sonny" Bryant Jr. was 44 years old and going through a particularly stressful period of his life, he hit the gym. Having never lifted before, something clicked and Bryant soon became addicted...

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  2. This Is the Most Insane Push-Up You Will Ever See

    Meet Ahmed "Iron Monkey" Kerigo. He likes to do really difficult push-ups. He calls this one a "flying push-up," where he starts on the ground and then pushes himself up and on top ...

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  3. Mr. Olympia 2013: Dana Linn Bailey and Mark Anthony Wingson Shine in Las Vegas

    The Mr. Olympia competition isn't all about the most hulking bodybuilders in the sport, and it certainly isn't all about men. The 2013 version of Mr. Olympia featured the first-ever men and women's physique competition...

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