1. As if the dinner wasn't enough, Festus Ezeli is now handing out turkeys to families. https://t.co/OMJE5WhZlv

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  4. Biggest Dubs Development May Just Be Festus Ezeli

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  6. Warriors’ Festus Ezeli foots the bill for Thanksgiving feast https://t.co/1Po9ESaH5I via @sfchronicle

  7. I think GSW turning down Barnes/Ezeli extensions has something to do with KD. Play for time, see what the options are

  8. The salaries they offered Barnes and Ezeli were with possible Durant sign-and-trade scenarios in mind. https://t.co/eNPoOFWqCf

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  12. Report: Andrew Bogut re-taking starting spot from Festus Ezeli https://t.co/uuyZCHOSS4

  13. Walton tells reporters he'll start Bogut and he talked to Festus. FULL CLIP : https://t.co/h7VXaOHXxW https://t.co/w5apolOe73

  14. Andrew Bogut picks up two quick fouls, and Festus Ezeli subs in at the 8:22 mark of the first quarter.

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  16. Report: Warriors, Ezeli Unlikely to Sign Extension

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  18. Bogut's first start since opening night lasts 3:38, with 2 quick fouls. Here comes Festus. #Warriors 9, #Raptors 6.

  19. Another perfect lob another flush! This time Curry gets it up to Ezeli; Dubs have assisted on 6 of their first 7 FGM. #TORatGSW

  20. Suddenly Festus also has a gunslinger mentality with the passes

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  24. #BlockCounter after Q1 Ezeli  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  25. Festus with GREAT Defense! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  26. FESTUS with the huge block(s)!

  27. Ezeli's Remarkable Story That Led to Basketball

  28. Ezeli Brings Larry O'Brien Trophy to Africa

  29. Curry to Festus for the lay-in! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  30. I agree with @SherwoodStrauss that Ezeli is going to get a big pile of cash next summer. I also believe he might drop it. Several times.

  31. #BlockCounter at Half Time Ezeli  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  32. Dray with the LOB to Festus! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  33. FINAL #DimeCounter Curry  Iguodala  Dray  Klay  Bogut  Clark  HB  Ezeli  LB  #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  34. Williams on Larry Nance Jr.'s jams: "That Ezeli dunk? He does that about once a week in practice." #SuitingUpTogether

  35. "Andrew's my friend.... When that final buzzer went off, we were all champions." Good stuff from @festus https://t.co/uf52fg0efE

  36. No Curry, no Green, Dubs forced to rely on system to create shots. Problem is that forces Speights, Ezeli, etc. to handle under pressure

  37. On floor for #Warriors: Klay, B-Rush, Andre, Festus and Mo.

  38. Draymond Green is on the bench with two fouls, but he used Festus Ezeli's free-throw stoppage as a chance to coach up Mo Speights.

  39. Review (Game Crew): if a clear-path-to-the-basket foul occurred in Q1 of #GSWatLAC. Ruling: common foul on Ezeli. https://t.co/5WRkn1NYgF

  40. Mo Speights is checking into this game, flanked by Festus

  41. Opening 4Q for #Warriors: Clark, Iguodala, Barnes, Speights, Ezeli.

  42. Festus couldn't help in time on that Crawford drive because he was worried about helping Mo contain DeAndre

  43. Klay is back and so is the Mo-Festus frontcourt

  44. I don't understand the Speights/Ezeli front court, Coach. Mo playing C for 1.5 seasons, advantage for Ws is with guard play.

  45. Thompson lob to Ezeli #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  46. Bogut -16, Iguodala +15, Ezeli +14. In case you aren't ranting about plus-minus in single halves.

  47. Warriors start the fourth quarter with this lineup: Livingston, Barbosa, Iguodala, McAdoo and Ezeli.

  48. GSW offense suffocating with the lack of space in this Liv-LB-Andre-JMM-Ezeli unit

  49. Warriors come out of the huddle with Livingston, Thompson, Barnes, Green and Ezeli.

  50. Festus has had better rim protection games

  51. Green to Ezeli Slam! #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  52. Draymond puts it up where only Ezeli can get it for @Warriors on @ESPN! #NBARapidReplay #CHIatGSW https://t.co/fBsuO2wyyJ

  53. Hear from Festus Ezeli NOW on @CSNAuthentic

  54. Explain One Play: Thunderous Green to Ezeli Alley-oop. Video breakdown of the dunk vs Bulls. https://t.co/cp1NejKYdf https://t.co/LeTCsItZqY