1. Robben: Loss Is a Shame but We Can Build on It

    The Dutchman was bitterly frustrated by the way in which Pep Guardiola's men were beaten in the DFL-Supercup for the third successive season.....

    Eric Drobny Written by Eric Drobny about 1 month ago 259 reads 0 comments

  2. Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg Preview Exciting Bundesliga Season in Supercup

    Wolfsburg pipped Bayern Munich to the German Super Cup title on Saturday, with the League Cup ( DFB -Pokal) winners edging the Bundesliga champions in penalty shootout after playing to a 1-1 draw in regular time...

    Clark Whitney Written by Clark Whitney about 1 month ago 11,362 reads 34 comments

  3. Nicklas Bendtner Hits Late Equaliser in the German Supercup vs. Bayern Munich

    A show of hands of who predicted that Nicklas Bendtner would score an 89th-minute equaliser in the German Supercup? That's what we thought...

    Sean Swaby Written by Sean Swaby about 1 month ago 19,882 reads 36 comments

  4. Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer Charges Off His Line to Make Headed Clearance

    We've missed you and your positional adventures, Manuel Neuer . Neuer , arguably the best goalkeeper in the world, has grown a reputation for coming way off his line to break up attacks...

    Sean Swaby Written by Sean Swaby about 1 month ago 17,300 reads 31 comments

  5. Bayern Name XI to Face Wolfsburg

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