1. Andre Ellington Will Be Biggest Steal in 2014 Fantasy Football Drafts

    Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington is poised for a huge 2014 NFL season, but somehow many fantasy football enthusiasts aren't taking notice...

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  2. Brandin Cooks Will Live Up to Fantasy Hype During Rookie Campaign

    Fantasy football owners who invested in Brandin Cooks already have made a wise decision. Owners who have yet to draft would be wise not to pass up Cooks if he's available in the middle rounds...

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  3. Doug Martin Remains a Risky Fantasy Draft Pick After Charles Sims Injury

    Doug Martin is a one-hit wonder in the realm of fantasy football, and that's not such a bad thing. The former Boise State star is just 25 years old, but his reign of terror in 2012 is the only time owners will see him produce at such a clip...

    Chris  Roling Written by Chris Roling about 17 days ago 14,416 reads 12 comments

  4. Kelvin Benjamin Is a Fantasy Must-Have Given Strong Preseason Showing

    Kelvin Benjamin is on track to be the rookie you'll regret passing on during your 2014 fantasy football drafts. There are plenty of rookies going early in drafts. Sammy Watkins, for one, plays the same position as Benjamin...

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  5. Le'Veon Bell Is a Huge Early-Round Risk in 2014 Fantasy Football Drafts

    The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Le'Veon Bell in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft with the hope he would become their primary threat out of the backfield. Although, while Bell received plenty of work last season, he didn't exactly deliver.

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  6. Tip Drill: Auction Strategy 2.0

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  7. Fantasy Football 2014: Best Flex Options to Steal on Draft Day

    One of the best words to use in any draft, whether it's real or in a fantasy league, is value. Everyone wants to find it, but no one has a formula for getting it...

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  8. Fantasy Football 2014: Mock Draft Tips, Strategy and Cheat Sheet

    You asked for it—actually, I don't think anyone specifically requested this article—and now you have it: Timothy (call me Tim, please) Rapp's ultimate cheat sheet, strategy and mock draft guide...

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  9. Fantasy Football: Expert Auction Draft Recap

    I was asked to participate in The Huddle's expert auction draft this past Thursday, and I promptly accepted the offer...

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  10. Fantasy Football 2014: Identifying One Sleeper Per Round in Rankings

    If you are a fantasy football nut, you're surely in love with anything that can help you unearth sleepers. You've read articles about sleepers, sure, but this here is no article...

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  11. 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Eric Mack's Ultimate Blueprint

    Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe (h/t to my Fantasy FatCast co-host David Gonos of About.com for that team-name gem), you are officially on the clock. "Uh, (panic) um, (lost bodily functions), I'll pick...

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  12. Fantasy Football 2014: Why Drafting QB Late Is a Pivotal Draft Strategy

    There are endless fantasy football draft strategies, and none of them are perfect. There are, however, certain methods to best exploit value at different positions and in different areas of the draft...

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  13. Instant Fantasy Reaction for Blake Bortles After Preseason Performance vs. Bears

    Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Blake Bortles was a polarizing No. 3 overall pick in the NFL draft, but his performances in the first two preseason games suggest he is worthy of that top billing...

    Matt Fitzgerald Written by Matt Fitzgerald about 18 days ago 2,553 reads 2 comments

  14. Arian Foster's 2014 Fantasy Draft Stock Means Owners Should Steer Clear

    The sad reality of the NFL running back position is that once a player takes the dive off a cliff, the climb back to the peak is all but impossible...

    Chris  Roling Written by Chris Roling about 18 days ago 15,662 reads 6 comments

  15. Marqise Lee's Instant Fantasy Reaction After Preseason Performance vs. Bears

    Marqise Lee didn’t waste much time turning the heads of fantasy football players in the Jacksonville Jaguars' second preseason game of the year against the Chicago Bears...

    Scott Polacek Written by Scott Polacek about 18 days ago 7,866 reads 3 comments

  16. Terrance West Represents Great Value in Fantasy Football Drafts

    Fantasy football owners trying to find a sleeper should look no further than Cleveland Browns rookie running back Terrance West...

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  17. Doug Martin Won't Overcome Buccaneers' Faults to Be Reliable Fantasy RB

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a lot out of all-purpose running back Doug Martin in his rookie season, as did many pleased fantasy football owners...

    Matt Fitzgerald Written by Matt Fitzgerald about 18 days ago 5,760 reads 8 comments

  18. Marshawn Lynch's Fantasy Price Tag Makes Him a Risky Proposition

    It's been a busy offseason for Marshawn Lynch . He was a no-show for voluntary OTAs in June. He held out of training camp, but after the Seattle Seahawks refused to blink, he returned less than a week later...

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  19. Matthew Berry's Love/Hate for 2014

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  20. Josh Gordon Worth Late-Round Flyer in 2014 Fantasy Football Leagues

    Want to know why serious fantasy football players get headaches around draft time? It’s because of situations like the one Josh Gordon is facing now. Gordon was an absolute fantasy stud last year and led the NFL with 1,646 receiving yards...

    Scott Polacek Written by Scott Polacek about 18 days ago 26,516 reads 4 comments

  21. Rob Gronkowski Is a 2014 Fantasy Football Gamble Owners Must Take

    In fantasy football, a select few injury histories are to be ignored in favor of potential production—a rare rule personified by Rob Gronkowski ...

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  22. Alshon Jeffery's Fantasy Stock Makes Him Not Worth the Investment in Drafts

    The Alshon Jeffery hype has boiled over, and with it went any sense of value at his current asking price...

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  23. Drafting a Running Back Early Could Ruin Your Fantasy Football Season

    Last year I was in a 10-team standard fantasy football league in a snake-style drafting format. My first pick was seventh overall...

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  24. Fantasy Football Rankings 2014: Top RB Sleepers to Target on Draft Day

    When planning a fantasy draft, everything starts with the running backs. It's a stark contrast to reality, where the position has been devalued in recent years...

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  25. Daugherty: Fantasy Top 25s - Rotoworld.com

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