1. Fantasy Football 2014: 5 Names Every Fantasy Owner Needs to Know

    Every year, fantasy football owners are looking for the next big thing, although sometimes that player is sitting right under their nose...

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  2. Winning Your ESPN Fantasy Football League: Rounds 1-3

    When drafting through any website, it is very likely that the site's default rankings will impact how owners draft...

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  3. Fantasy Football 2014: Injured NFL Players Worth Gambling on Early

    You love the Seattle Seahawks' Percy Harvin . I don't. You are reading this slideshow. I am writing it (much to your dismay, perhaps)...

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  4. Fantasy Football 2014: Under-the-Radar Gems to Target on Draft Day

    Value. That's the name of the game when talking fantasy football drafts. Everyone knows who the big stars are...

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  5. Fantasy Football 2014: Breaking Down the Best Handcuffs at RB

    Running backs are precious commodities in fantasy football nowadays. The workhorse is a dying breed, making their backups important assets...

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  6. Latest Injury News for Fantasy Football Stars in 2014

    On very rare occasions, players coming back from a devastating injury are able to hush naysayers with incredible record-breaking seasons that nobody saw coming...

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  7. Fantasy Football Questions Left to Be Answered in Training Camp

    A lot of fantasy analysts structure their draft rankings and cheatsheets in the weeks after the NFL draft and before training camp...

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  8. Fantasy Football 2014: Making the Case for Kendall Wright

    Heading into the 2014 season, the Tennessee Titans ' Kendall Wright is perhaps the most underappreciated wide receiver in fantasy football circles...

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  9. Fantasy Football 2014: Analyzing Running Backs to Avoid Early in Draft

    It's hard to believe the middle of July is already approaching. In roughly two weeks, each NFL franchise's training camp will be in full swing, and we'll finally get an early glimpse of each 2014 squad in its entirety...

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  10. Running Back Fantasy Production in Wins and Losses

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  11. Five Undervalued Players in Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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  12. Stat Predictions for the NFL's Top 10 Defensive Rookies

    For as great as this crop of NFL rookies is on offense, the defensive class might be even better. In the previous installment, we made some predictions about how the 10 best rookies will fare in their first year...

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  13. Fantasy Football 2014: 3 Young Quarterbacks Ready to Bounce Back This Season

    Young NFL quarterbacks experience more growing pains than Kirk Cameron ever did. Passing statistics are at all-time highs, records are being broken more often than glass at Jewish ...

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  14. Look for Mike Wallace to Return to Form in 2014

    The Miami Dolphins made a big splash last year when they signed Mike Wallace away from the Pittsburgh Steelers . Unfortunately he was wildly inconsistent on the field...

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  15. Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Tips to Guide You to a 2014 Fantasy Title

    If you are like the millions of fantasy football fanatics out there, the next two months on your calendar are going to make or break your year. It is draft prep time, and you need to use this time wisely to study the right things...

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  16. What Happens After 300 Carries, Revisited

    The day and age of the workhorse running back is coming to a close in the National Football League. The NFL's current era is one of aerial firepower that places a premium on the quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback positions...

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  17. 20 Things Fantasy Owners Should Know Before Drafting

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  18. Fantasy Football 2014: Tiered Fantasy Football Rankings for Every Position

    With the start of NFL training camps quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect and take stock of every fantasy football player of note for the upcoming 2014 season...

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  19. PPO Laggards: Five Current ADP Reaches

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  20. NFL Rookies to Stay Away from in Fantasy Football

    We are just like you. We love the NFL draft. We love the potential of the rookies joining the league. We are here to temper the enthusiasm, though. Rookies are fool's gold in fantasy football drafts...

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  21. Fantasy Film Study: Examining the Browns' Backfield

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  22. DirecTV Is Adding a Live Fantasy Football Channel to 'NFL Sunday Ticket'

    Fantasy football owners are getting their own channel as part of DirecTV's exclusive “NFL Sunday Ticket” package for the 2014 season...

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  23. Fantasy Football 2014: Identifying This Year's Biggest Potential Sleepers

    As the best of the best surely understand, the right sleeper can win a fantasy league outright. A whiff, and the waiver wire becomes a necessary weekly affair, in tandem with pleading ...

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  24. Under-the-Radar Players Who Could Make Fantasy Football Fireworks in 2014

    Being a sleeper is one thing. There are dozens of players who can emerge from the late rounds to be productive fantasy starters for you next season. Heck, Bleacher Report broke down 25 sleeper names to know here this week...

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  25. Fantasy Football 2014: Pinpointing Sleepers Poised for Big Seasons

    The draft is over, free agents have been signed and trades have been completed. There's only one thing left to do before the start of the 2014 NFL season: scrutinize every player who could possibly have fantasy football implications this year...

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