1. And Now We Watch a Man Slackline over a Marsh Filled with Alligators

    Don't. Don't do this. Not any of it, at all. I don't know who this man is or why he decided to slackline over a pit of alligators on what might as well be a garden hose. But here he is, doing it anyway...

    Dan Carson Written by Dan Carson about 7 months ago 11,699 reads 3 comments

  2. Erik Roner, Action Sports Athlete, Ski BASE Jumper, Dies at 39

    Renowned ski BASE jumper Erik Roner died Monday at age 39 after striking a tree while performing a parachute jump for the Squaw Valley Institute Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, California...

    Matt Fitzgerald Written by Matt Fitzgerald about 7 months ago 18,891 reads 17 comments

  3. Longboarder Races 70 MPH Down Colorado Highway in Terrifying Video

    Downhill longboarder Zak Maytum defied death—among other things—in a race down a Colorado highway in an absolutely terrifying video...

    Katie Richcreek Written by Katie Richcreek about 8 months ago 107,218 reads 86 comments

  4. Cliff Jumper Sets World Record with 193-Foot Jump off Switzerland Waterfall

    At Switzerland's Cascata del Salto, Laso Schaller jumped off a platform and into the record book with his brave stunt. According to Red Bull , Schaller set the world record with his 58...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 9 months ago 153,955 reads 36 comments

  5. Spencer Seabrooke Nearly Falls, Breaks Record for Longest Free Solo Slackline

    Slacklining is insane. So is Spencer Seabrooke, a death-dodging daredevil who broke the world record for the longest free solo slackline on Aug. 2. Seabrooke walked just under 210 feet across two cliffs in British Columbia...

    Thomas Duffy Written by Thomas Duffy about 9 months ago 61,271 reads 52 comments

  6. ESPN 30 for 30 Angry Sky: TV Schedule and Nick Piantanida Documentary Preview

    ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series has become appointment viewing for sports fans over the past few years, and its latest installment should be eye-opening for those who aren't familiar with Nick Piantanida 's wild story...

    Alec Nathan Written by Alec Nathan about 9 months ago 5,241 reads 0 comments

  7. Professional Cyclist Vittorio Brumotti Pulls off Insane Tricks on a Road Bike

    Professional cyclist Vittorio Brumotti has mastered some insane tricks on a road bike. In a freestyle video released Tuesday, the Italian rider successfully attempted a number of tricks that require a ridiculous amount of balance, to say the least..

    Katie Richcreek Written by Katie Richcreek about 10 months ago 46,383 reads 29 comments

  8. X Games 2015: Austin Dates, TV Schedule, Event Live Stream and Top Athletes

    The X Games are one of the most highly anticipated extreme-sports events year in and year out. Last year, X Games Austin was fantastic, and the event featured a number of big names, both young and old...

    Tyler Duma Written by Tyler Duma about 11 months ago 5,133 reads 0 comments

  9. American Ninja Warrior 2015: TV Schedule, Prize Money and Season 7 Preview

    Few shows on television produce a combination of athleticism and drama comparable to American Ninja Warrior , and that will be on full display Monday night on NBC...

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 12 months ago 48,050 reads 0 comments