1. Love feeling Layla kicks she so strong.  #TheFightForLaylaSky

  2. They trying to slip this under the rug but when it comes to urban people it's all headlines and they… https://t.co/N3ZPGt8fEJ

  3. God gave me a life and a dream. He filled them both with hope and a… https://t.co/IMNVktloeZ

  4. Gym flow!!!

  5. My buddy Evan https://t.co/y2tzOV1YVR

  6. ““Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”” http://t.co/S8FB6YThu1

  7. By @arena_lb via repostwhiz app: We will be having an Open Call this… https://t.co/l81ROA6okP

  8. Good morning world!

  9. Had a great workout this morning! Recovery Time!!

  10. Morning world. May everyone have a good day. God bless!

  11. Thank you we really appreciate everyone love, words & prayers our way!

  12. Melina decided to unpack for us and make a mess! #BabyCousin #TerribleTwo  http://t.co/50klFSOyON

  13. Home watching Remember The Titans! One of the greatest football movies of all times! "Strong side, Left side"

  14. Amen https://t.co/UqkgKO6vAJ

  15. Seriously @Laoliviamarie  https://t.co/MFdS97ya0S

  16. Arèna coming soon: I would like all my family & friends to come support… https://t.co/VShrREW6j7

  17. From a misunderstood childhood to a purposeful life! This Tuesday check… https://t.co/vEseudqpTZ

  18. Oh man it's so hard to swallow but God has an agenda and I know it was a blessing. God bless. https://t.co/F29mxC4PIr

  19. Thanks fam. God bless you and your family as well. https://t.co/RPg8y48NwB

  20. Wow this morning work out got the best of me today. But no worries I will win on Monday  courtesy of trainer Ritchie