1. In today's @TB_Times, #Rays Longoria says "incentives" have changed to team success rather than individual numbers http://t.co/XBiqWNAGSE

  2. Longoria Reaches Milestone as Rays Top Sox

  3. #Rays v Jays: Guyer CF. Mahtook Rf, Longoria DH, Forsythe 2B, Cabrera SS, Butler LF, Beckham 3B, Shaffer 1B, Maile C - Ramirez p

  4. #Rays lineup: Guyer cf. Mahtook rf, Longoria DH, Forsythe 2b, Cabrera ss, Butler lf, Beckham 3b, Shaffer 1B, Maile c, Ramirez p

  5. #Rays B1: Guyer HBP; Mahtook F8; Longoria 6-4-3 DP. 0-0 to T2. Colabello-Martin-Tulowitzki due for #BlueJays. #MLB

  6. #Rays Mahtook gives one a ride but flies out to the wall in CF. Longoria up with 2 out

  7. Donaldson with a nice play at 3B on ball hit hard by #Rays Longoria to save a run and end the inning

  8. #BlueJays T8 (cont) Donaldson 1-3; Bautista F5; Encarnacion K/2-U. 8-4 TOR to B8. Longoria-Cabrera-Butler due for #Rays. #MLB

  9. #Rays v Jays: Jaso LF, Sizemore DH, Longoria 3B, Cabrera SS, Souza RF, Loney 1B, Beckham 2B, Kiermaier CF, Rivera C - Archer p

  10. Trivia time! Tweet us your answer & seat location for the chance to win a #Rays @Evan3Longoria drummer bobble. http://t.co/dB6Ap4qPpb

  11. #Rays B3: Jaso K; Sizemore 1-3; Longoria F9. 1-1 to T4. Navarro-Pillar-Goins due for #BlueJays. #MLB

  12. Great catch by Bautista running toward the wall in the right-centre field gap to rob Longoria of extra bases. #BlueJays #MLB #Rays

  13. #Rays B6: Jaso K; Sizemore F7; Longoria K. 3-1 TOR to T7. Top of #BlueJays' order due. #MLB #BlueJays

  14. #BlueJays T9: Barney F8; Revere K; Donaldson F8. 3-2 TOR to B9. Sizemore-Longoria-Cabrera due for #Rays. #MLB

  15. Sizemore starts B9 for #Rays with double to LCF off Osuna. Longoria up

  16. Longoria pops up. Cabby looks at 3rd strike. Souza is #Rays last chance

  17. #Rays B1 (cont) Mahtook scores, Longoria to 3rd, Cabrera to 2nd on Souza Jr. E3-Field; Loney F5; #MLB #BlueJays

  18. #Rays B1 (cont) Mahtook 2R-HR; Longoria F7. 9-0 TB to T2. Colabello-Martin-Tulowitzki due for #BlueJays. #MLB

  19. #Rays B4: Mahtook F9; Shaffer (for Longoria) F8; Franklin F7. 9-1 TB to T5. Goins-Revere-Donaldson due for #BlueJays. #MLB

  20. 6 RBI today by Butler ties Longoria's #Rays record for RBI in a game by a rookie

  21. With his 2nd HR, Joey Butler has a career-high 6 RBI, tying @Evan3Longoria's #Rays rookie record (5-24-2008 vs. @Orioles).

  22. Those smiles haven't changed a bit. Happy B-day to @Acobb53 & @Evan3Longoria! http://t.co/YE5FgiKXFq

  23. Nice going tonight, @TBLightning! Credit @Evan3Longoria with the assist? #TeamTampaBay 

  24. Programming update: @Evan3Longoria joins @MikeAndMike at 8:10 to discuss Week 5 @NFL picks.

  25. For the record, @Evan3Longoria picked the @TBBuccaneers over @Jaguars on today's @MikeAndMike celebrity picks segment.

  26. Evan Longoria is not fond of watching baseball on TV http://t.co/n2ecgyvKgw #Rays

  27. Evan Longoria may have played his last game with the Tampa Bay Rays https://t.co/RVWmLLBONf #Rays

  28. Gold glove finalists being announced by @RawlingsSports: #Rays Longoria in top 3 at 3B with Beltre, Machado

  29. The @RawlingsSports #GoldGloves will be announced Nov. 10. #Rays CF Kiermaier and 3B Longoria are in top 3

  30. Congratulations, @Evan3Longoria and @KKiermaier39, #Rays finalists for the Rawlings #GoldGlove Award! https://t.co/Udmhj2DYz5

  31. Kiermaier, Longoria finalists for Gold Gloves: The Rays' Kevin Kiermaier, who compiled a human highlight reel ... https://t.co/i2CeOieUoM

  32. #Rays Kiermaier and Longoria up for Gold Gloves https://t.co/oOqZ4iTPXX https://t.co/IqyQaKOHeq

  33. #Rays Kiermaier, Longoria Gold Glove finalists https://t.co/5TjkcC82Y7

  34. His career-high .976 fielding pct. led AL third basemen. #GoldGlove finalist @Evan3Longoria is #AwardWorthy. https://t.co/AEwRN5Rmyj

  35. The #Rays first multi-#GoldGlove winner, @Evan3Longoria set the club record for fielding pct. (.976) at 3B in 2015. https://t.co/CkYuZAsy8y