1. Best Available First-Base Options After James Loney Deal with Rays

    And then there was one. With news Friday that James Loney has re-upped with the Tampa Bay Rays for $21 million over three years, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports , there aren't many first basemen of note left on the free-agent market..

    Jason Catania Written by Jason Catania about 4 months ago 9,086 reads 8 comments

  2. Offseason Moves the Angels Can Make to Compensate for Albert Pujols' Decline

    If the owner of your favorite baseball team has a "win at all cost" attitude, that's usually a good thing, right? Yes! Being aggressive and spending money has paid off for many eventual World Series champions...

    Jason Martinez Written by Jason Martinez about 8 months ago 5,362 reads 30 comments

  3. The Greatest Players Who Never Made an MLB All-Star Team

    It seems like almost anyone these days can make an All-Star team. Heck, even Omar Infante made the cut in 2010 after posting an uncharacteristic .321 batting average (despite a park-adjusted 111 OPS+)...

    Ben Berkon Written by Ben Berkon about 10 months ago 1,845 reads 4 comments