1. With Carroll leaving the game, Biggers comes in. Rowe burried on the bench. #Eagles

  2. Nolan Carroll trots off the field. EJ Biggers in.

  3. Malcolm Jenkins and Nolan Carroll both just left the field. Biggers and Maragos in.

  4. Jenkins and Carroll come off the field on same play. EJ Biggers and Chris Maragos come on the field.

  5. Eagles go 3-and-out, too. Chip called a pass on 3rd-and-1, which was incomplete. ...EJ Biggers and Huff are the gunners with Ajirotutu out

  6. Biggers still #Eagles preference in PT nickel over Rowe per Coach Bill.

  7. Expect the Eagles to play more dime. They're practicing it this week. Biggers is ahead of Rowe, more mentally sharp at the spot.

  8. E.J. Biggers working as the dime backer again. Jets to punt on 4th and short.

  9. Saw E.J. Biggers in dime on third down, also appeared that Billy shadowed Marshall with an LB along with CB. Basically a double team.

  10. #Eagles safety Chris Maragos downgraded to out with knee contusion. Biggers has been playing slot with Jenkins staying at S with Maragos out

  11. Chris Maragos has been downgraded to out with a left knee contusion. E.J. Biggers has been 5th DB in #Eagles nickel defense.

  12. EJ Biggers played season high 64 snaps. Eric Rowe played 15. #Eagles

  13. Re: Marcus Smith -- Chip said Smith practiced in base last week. Eagles spent most of 2nd half in nickel/dime. (Hence Biggers' snaps.)

  14. Depth was priority in areas. That's reason Eagles added Austin, Ajirotutu, B. Jones, Biggers. Yet they didn't add OL until Moffitt in June

  15. Davis praised the play of E.J. Biggers having to step up. Said that even with the touchdown, he played well on most of the snaps.

  16. #Eagles nickel: E.J. Biggers outside CB. Nolan Carroll in the slot.

  17. Eagles playing E.J. Biggers in nickel formation. ...Bennie Logan came off after 2nd play. Beau Allen is in at NT.

  18. 3rd and 19, Washington runs up the middle for 42 yards. Eagles were in the nickel, with Biggers roaming in middle.

  19. Byron Maxwell was nicked up earlier this drive. He's on the stationary bike right now. E.J. Biggers is in the game.

  20. PINNED. @ejbiggers makes a huge play to bring down #DonnieLongBall's 45-yard punt at the WAS 2.

  21. E.J. Biggers ... played for Washington last year https://t.co/YWCkTwX0Hp

  22. Really nice play by E.J. Biggers on the deep ball from Brees to Cooks.

  23. Nice play by Biggers there. Marcus Smith got pretty close to Brees on that pass rush.

  24. Eagles' D played a whole lot of nickel and dime yesterday, not much base. Forty-three snaps for @ChrisMaragos, 29 for E.J. Biggers.

  25. Kelly on secondary: We've got two very intelligent safeties who get everyone lined up. A guy who doesn't get enough credit is E.J. Biggers.

  26. Chip: 2 highly intelligent safeties in Jenkins and Thurmond getting guys lined up. Also says EJ Biggers not getting enough credit #Eagles

  27. Solid play of Maragos and Biggers allows D to move Jenkins and Thurmond around on the field #Eagles

  28. Chip Kelly wanted to give E.J. Biggers some credit today -- said Biggers doesn't get enough credit. Eagles like flexibility he provides.

  29. Hail Mary touchdown. Looked like 3 Eagles there, nobody could make a play. Biggers might have actually knocked down Carroll. Nobody jumped.

  30. I am super glad Philly drafted a corner in the second so EJ Biggers can get murked by Cole Beasley.

  31. #Eagles made the adjustment to bring Biggers in on Beasley. It worked on that play. https://t.co/xLgh5hIxeE

  32. Kelly: In an emergency, Rowe or Biggers could play safety.

  33. Biggers not in phase there (not even with the receiver). Taught not to look back if not in phase. Just catch up.

  34. Eagles will continue to change their nickel personnel. Went with Biggers last week b/c they wanted to keep safeties in place for safety help

  35. Davis said he wanted to keep safeties deep and put E.J. Biggers in slot because of the two No. 1 receivers that Bucs have.

  36. Re: change in nickel defense -- Eagles wanted E.J. Biggers in the slot and to keep Malcolm Jenkins at safety.

  37. Clear change today for Eagles in the sub packages, with Biggers instead of Maragos. Biggers in slots, safeties stay safeties.

  38. Eagles with a different look in nickel -- E.J. Biggers in the slot, keeping Jenkins/Thurmond at safety. No Maragos.

  39. #Eagles nickel defense: E.J. Biggers comes out to play the slot. Malcolm Jenkins in centerfield. No Chris Maragos.