1. NHL Veterans Having the Best Seasons of Their Careers in 2016-17

    Every year, the NHL game gets faster and younger, and the league's veterans include fewer and fewer role players...

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  2. Kevin Demoff: 'Age Is Not a Factor, This Is About Sean's Talents'

    Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff explains why newly hired head coach Sean McVay is the perfect fit for the Rams. Editor's note: Specific NFL .com videos may be automatically replaced by general ones after a period of time...

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  3. Sean McDermott: 'Buffalo Was the Best Job on the Market'

    Newly hired Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott believes Buffalo was the best job on the market for various reasons. Editor's note: Specific NFL .com videos may be automatically replaced by general ones after a period of time...

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  4. Scout: Auburn HC Bruce Pearl Previews Versatile Kentucky Wildcats

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  5. Scout: Nittany Lions Coach Intends to Extend Rotation as Big Ten Play Begins

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  6. Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. Is the Perfect Precursor for Canelo vs. Golovkin

    According to Golden Boy Promotions , lineal middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will face former middleweight titleholder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on May 6, during the ever-important Cinco de Mayo boxing weekend, in a 12-round, 164...

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  7. Wil Myers' 6-Year Extension Cements Franchise Cornerstone for Padres' New Era

    When the San Diego Padres acquired Wil Myers in December 2014, he was a talented, injury-prone enigma. Two years and change later, he has a chance to be a franchise cornerstone...

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  8. Redemption or Repeat? Breaking Down the 4 Rematches of NFL Divisional Round

    The NFL divisional round will feature plenty of prominent matchups . Can Matt Ryan take down the Seattle Seahawks? Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots face any resistance ...

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  9. Basketball State Champs Look to Honor Their Flooded City at National Tournament

    Madison Preparatory Academy finished its last men's basketball season with an astounding 34-4 record and a state championship title. Two days after the new school year started, mass flooding struck Baton Rouge, Louisiana...

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  10. Insider Buzz: Broncos Wanted to Rehaul Offensive Staff Even If Kubiak Stayed

    The Denver Broncos have a new head coach in Vance Joseph, but they wanted to make big changes even if Gary Kubiak did not retire. Watch as Bleacher Report NFL Insider Jason Cole breaks down the latest in the video above...

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  11. Insider Buzz: 49ers' Next Coach Will Pick the GM

    The San Francisco 49ers are still narrowing down candidates for their coaching search, but whoever gets the job could also select the general manager...

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  12. NFL Playoffs 2017: Dates, Matchups and Bracket Breakdown for Weekend

    The NFL playoffs get a dose of much-needed intrigue in the divisional round after a ho-hum start. Nevertheless, postseason football is postseason football, and the upcoming free agency and NFL draft elements of the offseason make for a good time...

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  13. Why the Seahawks Need Another Clutch Performance from Doug Baldwin

    Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin has a way of surprising you. He does it with routes that change direction but not speed. He does it with catches that seem to defy the laws of physics...

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  14. Los Angeles Rams Make NFL History with New Coach Sean McVay

    The Los Angeles Rams have chosen Sean McVay to be their head coach. At 30 years old, McVay is the youngest head coach in NFL history. Could a fresh, young take be exactly what the Rams need? Watch above...

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  15. Scout: Sean Miller Praises Arizona's Fans and Home-Court Advantage

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  16. NBA B/R Kicks of the Week: Best on Court for NBA Week 12

    A London special, the reveal of a new signature sneaker and a "Player Exclusive" model worth salivating over. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Week 12 of the NBA season. We've told you that great sneakers don't have time to sleep...

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  17. Ask Mike: Will Clemson's Title Make Recruiting More Difficult in Charlotte?

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  18. NFL Draft 2017: 1st-Round Order and Top Prospects to Watch

    Should the Cleveland Browns draft a potential franchise defensive player or quarterback to start the 2017  NFL  draft? How could their selection affect teams like the San Francisco 49ers at No...

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  19. The Good News for the Chargers: NFL Fans in LA Are Used to Losers

    When the citizens of Los Angeles asked for football to come back, it was under the assumption that the team we'd be gifted would be good—or at least generally competent. Not a big ask, I think, and yet here we stand...

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  20. 2017 NFL Free Agents: Latest Rumors and Predictions Ahead of Divisional Round

    NFL free agency doesn't win championships, but the assets found there round out strong, established cores capable of making postseason pushes...

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  21. NFL Playoffs 2017: B/R's NFL1000 Scouting Guide to the Divisional Round

    Welcome to Bleacher Report's NFL1000 playoff preview, a weekly series where we'll use the power of the 17-man NFL1000 scouting department to bring you fresh insights into the league each weekend...

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  22. 'He Hate Me': Breaking Down the XFL's 1-Day-Only Hall of Fame Exhibit

    The infamously defunct XFL is being revived with a one-day-only Hall of Fame exhibit in New York City. What type of extreme football artifacts will fans find at the XFL Hall of Fame pop-up on Jan...

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  23. Why WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Should Expand to 60 Superstars

    The Royal Rumble is one of the most tried-and-tested cornerstones of WWE, having survived all the chaos from 1988 until today. It is perhaps the most revered event after WrestleMania, as many argue that it is the true No...

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  24. Their Dominance Waning, Seahawks Will Go as Far as Russell Wilson Can Lead Them

    Not long after the regular season ended, a Seattle Seahawks player was exchanging pleasantries with teammate Russell Wilson , when Wilson smiled and said: "It's playoff time...

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  25. Scouting Notebook: Leonard Fournette Interview, Reuben Foster Perfection & More

    Two weeks ago, Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen headlined a new mock draft with his name attached to the Chicago Bears at No. 3 overall...

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