1. Edinson Volquez becomes the first AL pitcher to get a hit in the World Series since 2010 https://t.co/ftqq2ytslf

  2. Volquez Paves Way with Own Remarkable Comeback

  3. Video: Volquez Swings at Harvey Fastball After It's Already Caught

  4. Volquez Becomes 1st AL Pitcher with Hit in WS Since 2010

  5. Volquez Unsure If He'll Be Mentally Ready for Game 5

  6. VIDEO: Curtis Granderson LAUNCHES leadoff HR off Volquez to give Mets early lead! https://t.co/94A7wCFtk9 https://t.co/ciwsd1CKgO

  7. Edinson Volquez with a perfect frame. #Mets 1, #Royals 0, end 3

  8. Volquez has been quite sharp thus far. Except for that cambio.

  9. Volquez to Start Potential Game 5

  10. Volquez Returns to DR for Father's Funeral

  11. Was Volquez Betrayed When Not Told of Dad's Death?

  12. Edinson Volquez season high in strikeouts is 9 - May 29 vs. Cubs. Has four in 3 IP tonight.

  13. Back-to-back scoreless frames for Volquez! Heart of the order due up in the 4th, let’s #KeepTheLineMoving! https://t.co/yT547nS4XZ

  14. Edinson Volquez with as many hits as he's allowed. #PitchersWhoRake https://t.co/jh9R8pE9Ty #WorldSeries https://t.co/ivDDuACNiC

  15. Royals Announce Rotation for World Series

  16. Volquez: Ump Apologized for Missing Strike Call

  17. Volquez Calls Colabello His 'Daddy'

  18. Volquez is looking pretty sharp as he heads back out for the bottom of the 4th. https://t.co/HH1s1wCuPe

  19. Volquez becomes 1st AL pitcher in 5 years to get WS hit https://t.co/HtcpU6fsG6 https://t.co/ONnMYV3Oal

  20. Edinson Volquez has faced the minimum since Granderson's leadoff homer.

  21. Volquez: Home Plate Ump Apologized After Pivotal Ball Four to Bautista

  22. Jays Hoping Volquez Doesn't Bring 'Sexy' Back in Game 5

  23. Volquez: Cueto Thought Blue Jays Stole Signs

  24. VIDEO: Edinson Volquez becomes 1st AL pitcher in 5 years to get WS hit. THAT SMILE! https://t.co/wYDDXXRJll https://t.co/gAT5ZKUsR6

  25. The Latest: After Granderson home run, Volquez and Harvey locked in duel https://t.co/14xoiRexH0 #WorldSeries https://t.co/BTxzOpoXZM

  26. Harvey (8) and Volquez (5) have combined for 13 strikeouts. World Series record for a 9-inning game is 25 (1963, 2000).

  27. Fueled by Fans, Volquez Turns in His Best Ever Playoff Start

  28. Volquez Could Be Royals' Secret Weapon

  29. Royals Tab Volquez for Game 1 of ALCS

  30. The Royals are intentionally walking Flores so Volquez can face Matt Harvey.

  31. The point wasn't to replace Volquez now. It was to have someone ready if he got into the muck. With off-day, you can afford to dry hump RP.

  32. Vet Volquez Out for 1st Postseason Victory

  33. Springer: No Ill Will for Volquez After Injury on HBP

  34. Save for that changeup, Edinson Volquez has matched Matt Harvey step for step tonight. Still 1-0, Mets.

  35. Five innings in the books. The Mets are still up 1-0. Harvey's dealing and Volquez hasn't allowed a hit since Granderson's leadoff homer.

  36. Pitcher's duel in Game 5! Edinson Volquez: 5IP 1H 1ER 4BB 5K Matt Harvey: 5IP 2H 0ER 1BB 8K #WorldSeries #KCvsNYM

  37. VIDEO: Volquez swings at Harvey fastball after it's already caught https://t.co/MfbVoyNQV8 https://t.co/dgRzQaYRQy

  38. Third leadoff walk Volquez has issued in six innings. Hasn't been hurt yet, because aside from the Granderson homer, no hits.

  39. Volquez is not pleased with the strike zone.

  40. Good effort from Volquez to nearly come back from a 4-0 count to get Granderson

  41. Two hits! Scratch that stat. Two on, none out for the Mets vs. Edinson Volquez in bot 6. #Mets 1, #Royals 0

  42. David Wright pulls a fastball through the hole. The Mets have traction against Volquez in the sixth.

  43. Can't watch Volquez tonight without thinking of this game I covered in 2003. #sfgiants. https://t.co/kHXjmiM4zh

  44. Mets will have all winter to stew if they don’t make something out of this: bases loaded, no outs, Volquez on the ropes.

  45. Yoenis Cespedes is down. Citi Field just went silent. He appears seriously hurt after swinging at that Volquez pitch.

  46. That would have been pretty great. Go down 0-2 to Volquez then bring in Herrera. https://t.co/R4802Eu9xO

  47. Volquez gets out of it. Holds the damage to 1 run. Very impressive. Harvey begins the seventh. TC making a change.

  48. Bases loaded, none out, and Edinson Volquez -- reeling, tiring -- held the Mets to one run. That's a win for the Royals. 2-0, thru 6.

  49. Terrific job by Eddie Volquez as he keeps the #Royals in it. Let's see if they have any late-inning magic tonight

  50. Herrera in for the bottom of the seventh, with Paulo Orlando going to right field. Hell of an effort by Volquez.

  51. Gutsy performance tonight by Edinson Volquez. #ForeverRoyal #WorldSeries https://t.co/zv8SgOsjp1

  52. After all the silly drama, Harvey more than delivered tonight. Great performance. And Volquez pitched really well, too.

  53. Kelvin Herrera starting his third inning in relief of Volquez. 2-2 bottom of 9

  54. Reminder: E Volquez pitched a solid game to keep the Royals in this thing, days after burying his father.

  55. Pitching following dad's death, Volquez holds off Mets just enough https://t.co/KsqsJdHgrH #WorldSeries https://t.co/lnd8XJlF88

  56. Before he took the mound tonight, Edinson Volquez drew his father's initials in the dirt https://t.co/jWdyDjgDWi https://t.co/Ko2AjSUz6m

  57. "Before the game started, I was walking to the bullpen and I felt like he was right behind me.”- #Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez on father.