1. LIVE FS @Earl_Thomas press conference from VMAC. [https://t.co/6z00g7LTSy]

  2. Madden NFL 16 Player Ratings: Top 5 Safeties Revealed

  3. How does FS @earl_thomas feel about this week's matchup with the @49ers? VIDEO [https://t.co/0Bw5Z6j3pc] #SFvsSEA https://t.co/YZc4F8uPqu

  4. For #Seahawks S @Earl_Thomas helping kids w/ ADHD is cause that hits close to home: [https://t.co/LhwLALgVuo]

  5. After struggling with ADHD himself, @earl_thomas is helping others by providing resources and assistance. [https://t.co/CYhnbBTf2Z]

  6. Carroll on Rawls/Earl Campbell comparison: Did that to challenge Thomas more, not to put him in that class #Seahawks #Q13Fox

  7. Pete Carroll, hesitates to bring up name, then prodded on @710ESPNSeattle, says way Thomas Rawls runs reminds him of Earl Campbell #Seahawks

  8. Carroll was reluctant to draw the comparison, but he said Thomas Rawls' running style reminds him a bit of Hall of Famer Earl Campbell.

  9. Pete Carroll was reluctant to make Thomas Rawls comparison on @710ESPNSeattle, but said: "There's some Earl Campbell plays in there."

  10. Dry humor from FS Earl Thomas on #Seahawks giving up so many BIG plays by TEs "Gr8 thing abt it is we keep seeing how we r getting attacked"

  11. The #Seahawks brought Earl Thomas on a blitz there, which we don't often see.

  12. Earl Thomas doing Earl Thomas things.

  13. Earl Thomas breaks up deep pass to SF WR Ellington after taking bad flat route to him while Ellington ran post. Great reaction by ET to ball

  14. What a play by Earl Thomas to close on what looked like a wide-open Bruce Ellington. Would have been a huge gain for SF.

  15. Cary Williams overran that play, but Earl Thomas comes back to break up long pass.

  16. Earl Thomas on playing with ADHD, some #Seahawks needing to change selfishness. "Got to give it up for the next guy" https://t.co/izaoPQ1B75

  17. Beside practice-squad duties at RB #49ers Jarryd Hayne is scout-team safety and mimicked Seattle's Earl Thomas. No desire to stay on defense

  18. Who was one of the #49ers players to serve as the scout team Earl Thomas this week? Jarryd Hayne.

  19. "People gotta get out of their own way and give it up for the team." Earl Thomas' honest assessment of the Seahawks: https://t.co/64OXM5JejX

  20. Kris Richard, Earl Thomas address Seahawks defensive struggles https://t.co/CsBSNF4YR4

  21. Earl Thomas ripped the #Seahawks' attitude (no names, but we all know one unhappy Kamper): https://t.co/fjusH4MdRR

  22. Seattle Sidelines: Earl Thomas, Kris Richard on effort and chemistry https://t.co/8m9ZcjeRNE

  23. #Seahawks Insider: Earl Thomas says he has ADHD, Pete Carroll helped him--and that some on team need a realization https://t.co/OtlbneDEhA

  24. All-Pro Earl Thomas says of his 4-5 #Seahawks: "Sometimes you’re not who you think you are, in some cases" https://t.co/KVmdOIHcoA

  25. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas with lots of interesting comments about the team's effort and commitment: https://t.co/zPFSln0Qej

  26. "Sometimes, you're not who you think you are." Earl Thomas talks effort, hunger in honest assessment of Seahawks: https://t.co/64OXM5JejX

  27. Seattle Sidelines: Earl Thomas talks about struggles, foundation work with ADHD https://t.co/cc6lNANE8f

  28. Earl Thomas said today his Guardian Angel Foundation will work with kids & teens who have ADD/ADHD, "something I've battled my whole life."

  29. Earl Thomas said his foundation is starting to help youth with ADD or ADHD. He has ADD. "It's something that I've battled my whole life."

  30. Earl Thomas on #Seahawks after past success: "Sometimes you are not who you think you are. We just got to give it up for one another"

  31. Earl Thomas asked if chemistry in the secondary is the same as past years: "Of course not.''

  32. Earl Thomas said his ADD/ADHD diagnosis in college at Texas was relieving. "Just understanding what I have. I'm not weird" #Seahawks

  33. Earl Thomas credits Pete Carroll for helping him through his ADD/ADHD diagnosis he got in Texas. Coach intro'd him to a doctor. #Seahawks

  34. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas discussing his foundation and personal struggle with ADD/ADHD. Said Carroll introduced him to doctor here.

  35. Earl Thomas admits playoff chances are 'shrinking' for Seahawks https://t.co/gDGskMEcaC

  36. Earl Thomas on his 4-5 #Seahawks' hopes for not just NFC West title but maybe the playoffs: "It's shrinking for us. We understand that."

  37. Earl Thomas twice mentioned the back judge when asked about the officiating.

  38. Good play by Earl Thomas to force the field goal. Good hold by the defense after the offense handed them a piece of crap again